CCNP // Cisco 5509 with WS-X5530-E2

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Apr 5th, 2010

I'm about to start my studies for the CCNP.  I have a 2900XL switch from my CCNA studies and found this Cisco 5509 with a 5530-E2 supervisor.  It's very cheap and wondering if it will be usefull?

I have this problem too.
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Reza Sharifi Mon, 04/05/2010 - 09:49


I would not spend the money on 5509.  They are big, old and end-of-life and you probably will not be able to use it at your house, because the amount and the type of  power it uses.  If you want a better switch than 2900 go with a 3550.(Ebay)



I am going to agree with Reza.  The 5509 and 5513 both are not practical for skill development in home labs.

Wendell Odom:

Chris Bryant also has a simular buy list.

You don't need to spend a ton of money to build your study lab.  ebay has tons of great steals for 3550/3548 switches and 800 series routers.  The link should be able to provide you with tons of information and if I come accross the other blog I used to build mine I will upload that as well, but its the same thing except with more options for routers and switches.

When it comes to firewalls the 5505 is super cheep and if you need a firewall to study with you can get a 5505 for a couple hundred bucks from amazon or ebay.

Thomas Beaver Mon, 04/05/2010 - 12:06

The 5509 I was looking at getting is $40.

Includes the supervisor module, power supplies, etc.  I'd love to have a few 3550's but they are expensive as %*!! :-)

Just remember that the 5509 is a chassie and while 40$ for the sup engine and chassie is a good deal you really need a switching module to go with it.

As Reza mentioned the power supply is also a big issue.  Not only does it consume alot of power, and by alot i mean more than home plugs can provide.  The plugs themselves are usually not your standard grounded power you use at home, but if you confirm that the plugs are usable for you then that is 1 hurdle your over.  When it comes to powering the 5509 you can relax a little bit if you have a power regulator, like a blackbox power switch.  If you could confirm that the 5509 is both a standard US socket and that the device can be powered from a power strip connected to a standard US wall socket you might be able to remove the 2 biggest hurdles and focus on getting the switching module for it.  Unfortunately I have never had a 5509 or 5513 that used standard power sockets or that could be operated without issues from a standard power strip.  Not surprising since the 5509 is a core level switch and those are really only found in datacenters.

While the 3548 is not as popular for study labs it is a viable unit for most labs.  You can find 3548's for 40-70USD.  Also you can find 3550's for under 100USD, but it may take more time for you to find it at that price.

on a personal note the 5509 is a wicked cool machine and to build a 5509 with a NAM, Sup Engine, and switching modules would be a nice addition to any lab.  Study or otherwise.


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