Dialer call gets drop once connet

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Apr 6th, 2010
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Hi All,

I have installed an IPCC 7.5 outbound dialer with CCM 7.0 and having an issue while making outbound calls, when i try to make outbound calls with in the LAN for testing it makes succesfull calls but when i dial to PSTN through Dialer the connects and gets drop suddenly. The debug voip dialperr inout command displays the call connected and gets drop from the called party after 2-3 seconds. At CTIOS outbound desktop client it displays the "The Call has failed because enoudh resources are not available.

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The 30VIP phones you created in the Dialer (Dialer ports) are being used to place the call.

If you stop the Dialer, and run dialogictest.exe, and place the call, does it stay up OK? Although the commands between dialogictest and the 30VIP phones is Skinny, the outbound call is placed correctly. Now stop dialogictest and restart the Dialer (don't have these two running at the same time!)

If the call does stay up, the problem is occurring when the Dialer calls the customer, detects the answer, and then tries to transfer the other end of the call to the agent it has reserved with the Reservation Call. Is the agent phone configured correctly with Call Waiting on the CC line?



Sheraz Saeed Lodhi Tue, 04/06/2010 - 06:37
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hi geoff, i stopped the dialer service and ran the command dialogictest.com but nothing happens a window came for a seconds and then went hide. My CTIOS lient was ready and got no call. Did  i follow the right step

There is no dialogictest.com - as I wrote, it's called DialogicTest.exe. But you probably meant that, didn't you?

Now tell me, Young Skywalker, did you merely double click on an .exe file in Windows Explorer? I bet you did.

Ever think of opening a command window, navigating to the required directory, and typing the name of the executable and seeing what the system tells you? I know, that's old school. But give it a shot.

C:\icm\bin>DialogicTest.exe /?
usage: DialogicTest <# of channels>

The default is to use dialogic and you want softphone. Explains why that little old window "came for a seconds and then went hide."

By the way, this is excellently described in the Cisco documentation.



Sheraz Saeed Lodhi Tue, 04/06/2010 - 23:21
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yeah sorry it was miswritten by me it is dialogictst.exe not .com. yes you are right first i did the same thing by double clicking but i read the guide and ran the command properly and now attach the is result. One more thing i noticed when ever i make outboun call and when the caller pick up the call the dialer keep me in Hold state and while tranefering to Talking state it gets drop.

please check the attache result file and guide me where i am wrong.



There is not enough info there for me to comment.

dialogictest enables you to activate one of the ports to place an outbound call to a number. You should use this on each port in turn to place a call. Try giving the target as one of your IP phones.

If this works for each port, then the ports are OK.

If when you call a number on the PSTN, you have a problem in the egress gateway or in the configuration of your Call Manager for the 30VIP phones (Partition, CSS etc).



Sheraz Saeed Lodhi Sun, 04/11/2010 - 09:50
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Thanks geoff for your help. The issue sorted out. every thing was configured fine  excpt the IP phones i was using were also the part of Hunt group. i just remove the few IP Phones form the group and the outbound worked. But for one thing i am still confuse why outbound was working fine when i gave it internal network IP Phone extension as a customer number.


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