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Apr 6th, 2010

Maybe I am being lazy, ignorant, or a little of both. I admit that I do not spend much time in CCA configuring our boxes, but spend most of my time designing and working in cli or cue gui.  So here goes:

1. How do I build intercom extensions via CCA? It appears that you can program a button on a user's phone to be an intercom extension, but I do not see a way to build intercom extensions for each user. What I want to do is have each user's extension, as well as an intercom extension for them overlaid on thier button 1. This way reception can either call their extension OR thier intercom extension- depending on the scenario.  I do not see a way to accomplish this via CCA. Am I correct in assuming I must use CLI or CUE GUI to do this? and follow the OOB guidlines...

2. How/where do I build Main line extension overlays? - in user extensions with all zeores as the MAC of the phone?  I am happy to see overlay with call waiting on buttons in CCA now, but not sure where to set up system extensions like Main line overlays (since 5xx won't support octo- booo!), intercoms, simple extensions that call forward always offnet, users with just an extension for vm but no phone, etc.  I bet this is easy and I'm overthinking it...

3. It seems that the standard procedure to build Single Number Reach for a user is to be sure to do this BEFORE adding them in to any hunt groups. Are there any other known 'feature conflicts' like this so we don't configure ourselves in to a corner? ( or have to re-configure anything)

4. Does CCA take care of adding a softkey for Hlog on the ephone hunt groups- I didn't see anywhere to select that... so I asume I add that in cli...

5. When building features via CCA like Tranfer direct to VM, Single Number Reach, Live Record, and ephone hunt groups - is CCA adding these softkeys to an existing template for all users? Or adding new templates?  FOr exaple, I build a user #1 who has SNR and can access live record...then I build a user #2 who can access just live record, does that mean user #2 will also have the mobility softkey on their handset?

6.  End user administrators want to manage their voice systems and ask for training on moves, adds, changes. Does Cisco have end user facing CCA training VOD's, classes, etc?



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stacy.thompson Tue, 04/06/2010 - 10:00

I did read the 518 page guide...Ok I searched on words like intercom and template and did not find answers.

That's why I posted this.

- Building generic exensions that are not assigned to phones are not very clear to me in the guide. How would I go about creating a Main line extension mulitple times (CCA does not like extensions used twice) for an overlaid scenario...

- The templates mostly refer to dial plans and the CCA guide says you cannot alter ephone templates via CCA for softkeys...although I know CCA does add TrnfrVM softkey to the existing ephone-template 15 or 16 ( can't recall offhand) which si why I am asking if other features softkey buttons automatically get added to the SAME default ephone-template or not.

stacy.thompson Tue, 04/13/2010 - 13:32

When will CCA support those "flotaing dn's" ? and when will it support the building of GDM's?


Marcos Hernandez Tue, 04/13/2010 - 15:23

Both features are planned, but we do not have an ETA yet.

BTW, I chuckle every time I see your avatar.



stacy.thompson Wed, 04/14/2010 - 07:23

I am glad to hear that it will be included eventually !  That will make it easier for the customer end users/administartors who need to make changes.

and we'll see a demo of Office Manager today !

I'm glad my avatar makes you smile- it seems so accurate to how I feel sometimes


Steven DiStefano Wed, 04/14/2010 - 07:28

What to see an OM Demo right now?

That one I did 2 days ago, and its 20 minutes long.  Too long for the Advantage Now demo (have to do OM in 10) I am doing today via Webex (and I understand in some offices they may be doing their own locally).

So watch this one, and dont worry about the needles in the one page.  marcos already fixed that for me... :-)


Steven DiStefano Tue, 04/06/2010 - 09:15

Hi, for Q's 1 - 5, use the CCA Admin Guide and tell us if the answers are not in there and we will get any updates required.

For 6, Its a new end user tool called Office Manager, in Beta now.

and one last thing about CLI and CCA...

Out of band configuration Guide

(If you use CLI, you MUST follow these rules)