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Apr 7th, 2010


am looking for a Tokyo locale files for my Unity Express. can someone helpme where can i find and which version i should use

details of my unity express

Installed Packages: Installer (Installer application) 2.2.1
Thirdparty (Service Engine Thirdparty Code) 2.3.2
Bootloader (Primary) (Service Engine Bootloader) 2.1.2
Infrastructure (Service Engine Infrastructure) 2.3.4
Global (Global manifest) 2.3.4
Service Engine license 1.20 (License for the Service Engine) 2.1.2
Auto Attendant (Service Engine Telephony Infrastructure) 2.3.0
Voice Mail (Voicemail application) 2.3.2
Bootloader (Secondary) (Service Engine Bootloader) 2.1.2
Core (Service Engine OS Core) 2.3.4
GPL Infrastructure (Service Engine GPL Infrastructure) 2.3.0
Installed Languages: English language pack (English language pack) 2.3.0
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Rob Huffman Wed, 04/07/2010 - 06:02

Hi Rao,

From Cisco Online;

Support> Tools & Resources> Software Downloads> Voice and Unified Communications> Unified Communications Applications> Voice Mail and Unified Messaging> Cisco Unity Express


Archive of all Japanese language data and prompt files associated with the Cisco Unity Express with VoiceMail Feature application full installation.



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Madhusudhan Rao M Thu, 04/08/2010 - 02:00

hi Rob,

this says version 2.3.4. will it be compatible with the unity version am using?



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