Cisco works performance Issue (CPU utilisation and Page file)

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Apr 7th, 2010

I am having issues with LMS 3.1

Cpu utilisation is Reaches  100% occasionally but my server is running really slow

Page file has reached its maximum and it is saying 100%

I have increased my Ram to 4gb but still it didnt help. My folder utilisation is increasing consistently and I cant work it out what is eating all the space up.

The specifications for the box on which Cisco works installed is

Microsft Server 2003

Intel Xeon

E5450@ 3.00 ghz

2.99ghz, 3.75 gb ram

I am really new to the server stuff as I am student.

Cisco works is installed on Drive C which is 20 Gb and only 10 gb has been used. There is still 10 gb free

Earlier page file usage was much less than 6.07 gb which keeps on increasing. the page file usage is just increasing

Page file usage is 6.07 GB which seems to be an issue as it is showing 100% page file usage but what i cant understand is that after increasing the ram still it is showing 100% usage for the page files space and My page file settings are

Maximum 4096 mb

Minimum 1536 mb

Whats is the recommended setting for Ciscoworks LMS for the page files?

Can anyone please tell help me to sort this issue out?

I have this problem too.
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Joe Clarke Wed, 04/07/2010 - 23:32

How many devices are you managing?  What LMS applications do you have installed?  What other applications do you have installed?  What processes are taking up the most memory and CPU?  If you take those process IDs, and search through the output of the pdshow command, what CiscoWorks daemons are taking the most CPU and memory?


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ankuraneja Thu, 04/08/2010 - 18:08

We are just managing 58 devices and we have got these modules installed on the Cisco works server (Campus Manager, DFM, Cisco View, RME, IPM).

The Cisco works process that are eating up the memory are as follows

Cmfogd Server 19,284 k

ESS                95,252k

EDM server      21,364k

Tis Server          18,088

ANI server          100,000 K

Tomcat              141, 860

FHDB engine      28,016 K

EPM server          21,364 k

FHDB engine     28,016K

Change Audit     23,982K

There are atleast 15 instances of cwjava.exe are running

Please let me know if you want anymore details


Joe Clarke Thu, 04/08/2010 - 23:19

I'm not seeing anything here that is out of the ordinary.  Certainly, these processes are staying within their maximum heap sizes.  Your configured swap is a bit low, though.  Increase min to 2048, and max to 8192.

Next, you talk about folder size increasing.  Do you mean your usable disk space is being eaten up?  If so, what files are taking up the most space?  Is it jrm.log?


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