Native-VLAN and interface BVI on a accesspoint 1242

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Apr 9th, 2010


I have to create a configuration for an accesspoint.

There are four VLANs.

VLAN 1 = / 24 = printers

VLAN 2 = / 24 = WLAN 1 for laptops

VLAN 3 = / 24 = WLAN 2 for other mobile devices

VLAN 4 = / 24 = management VLAN for network devices

Now I have two solutions for the config for the accesspoint in relation to the interface BVI.

First and simple one:

I take the bridge-group 1 for the FastEthernet0.4 with encapsulation dot1Q 4 native

and use the default interface BVI 1 with the IP-address / 24.

The default config will leave the bridge-group 1 on the interface Dot11Radio 0 (without usage, right?)

The second solution is not as simple as the first one, but looks fairer:

I create the bridge-group 4 on the FastEthernet0.4 with encapsulation dot1Q 4 native.

I will shutdown the interface BVI 1 and create the new BVI 4 with the IP-address / 24.

I have to create the interface Dot11Radio0.4 with encapsulation dot1Q 4 native to get out the default bridge-group 1 from Dot11Radio0.

It should be possible to shutdown the Dot11Radio0.4 because I don't need WLAN for that VLAN and I don't want to create a SSID and so on.

Is there any design guide from Cisco how to configure that?

Thanks for any help!


I have this problem too.
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