AP1131 multiple SSID issue

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Apr 9th, 2010


Very new to Cisco wireless, trying to figure this out.

I have an ASA that will be handling the VLAN traffic.

VLAN1 = default internal VLAN.

VLAN10 = guest VLAN.

On my AP1131 I want to have "Staff" SSID associated with VLAN1,

and "Guest" SSID associated with VLAN10.

Interfaces 6 & 7 on the ASA are PoE so I think I'm good on that.  I have those two ports on the ASA set as trunks with Vlan1 as native.

My biggest pain right now is that I can't seem to get "Guest" and "Staff" broadcasting at the same time!

I don't really need the "A" radio, so I'm just trying to get the two SSID's broadcasting on the "G" radio.

I'm configuring via the GUI, but frequently looking back at the CLI.

Is this a common issue?  Something that someone can point to a common mistake?

Attached is running-config; though I'm still very much playing with it.

I have this problem too.
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