Nexus 7K and vPC

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Apr 10th, 2010


simple question i hope simple answer

what's happens if i've got a vPC link with VLAN 10-20-30 (just example) and another link intra 7K with VLAN 10?

I'll explain.....i have to migrate some 6K and i wanna use for L2 with other switches vPC. Problem is that i've also got some load balancer that are connected to both 6K  (6k1--LB1--LB2--6K2) so i can see trought LB 6K. 6K are interconnected with a etherchannel trunk and spanning tree block ports on 6K1 connected to LB1.

I cannot change LB topology but i'm i have no idea what's happens if with 7K i'll have situation above mentioned.

Could be difficult to put a link with just VLAN10 beetweb 7K because this VLAN is spread to a lot of switches that i wanna migrate in vPC. If i will put link beetwen 7K (so no VLAN10 on vPC link) i must (or not?) use further link beetewen edge switch (that i wanna connect in vPC) for transport VLAN10 in a no vPC fashion...

hope is clear....


I have this problem too.
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