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Apr 11th, 2010
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Welcome to the Cisco Networking Professionals Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to get an update on unity and unity connection features and virtualization with Cisco expert Esteban Pereira. Esteban works as a customer support engineer in Costa Rica TAC, He has been with the voice team for over 4 years, and serves as the technical lead. Esteban supports in the unified messaging team which covers Cisco unity and Cisco unity connection. Before that, he worked on the AVVID (CUCM, mobility,  and unified messaging) team. He has more than 10 years of experience in IT industry. He worked for as a consultant before he came to Cisco. Esteban currently holds a CCVP and UCCX specialization and is currently pursuing his CCIE.

Remember to use the rating system to let Esteban know if you have received an adequate response.

Esteban might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Our moderators will post many of the unanswered questions in other discussion forums shortly after the event. This event lasts through April 23, 2010. Visit this forum often to view responses to your questions and the questions of other community members.

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mcoroghidaf Mon, 04/12/2010 - 05:47
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help! help!!

i am have ccm 6.0 and it is not laoding. it is showing this error: 'Kernel panic. No init found. Try passing init=option to kernel'

espereir Mon, 04/12/2010 - 08:48
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Sometimes, a hard reboot recovers this error, however, sometimes we will need to use a recovery disk to perform a filesystem check. The recovery disk can be downloaded from CCO and follow these steps:

--> Insert the recovery disk into the system and do a boot up from disk:
1. First use the option "m" for file system check on recovery, in most cases
this will fix the problem.
2. If system still fails to come up after running the file system checks
from Recovery CD, then run the following manual procedure:
  a. Boot with recovery CD (any version of recovery CD is fine)
  b. Press "ALT"+"F2" to go to command line
  c. Run following commands for all servers:
      umount /mnt/part1
      umount /mnt/part2
      umount /mnt/part3
      umount /mnt/part6 [for non 7845 servers]
      umount /mnt/part17 [for 7845 servers only]
  d. Run following commands for all servers:
      fsck -C /dev/dev1
      fsck -C /dev/dev2
      fsck -C /dev/dev3
  e. Now, if server is NOT a 7845 type (i.e. dual CPU, four hard disks) then  run following:
      fsck -C /dev/dev6

  f. Else, for 7845 only servers, run following:
    fsck -C /dev/dev17

  g. press "ALT"+"F1" to get back to recovery CD menu, and select option "q" to quit
3. Remove the recovery CD and reboot, system should boot into CCM installation.

In addition, the recovery CD ISO for CUCM 6.0 can be downloaded from the name of the file
is "".

In some cases, the server cannot be recovered and must be reinstalled from scratch, if the fsck steps didn't fix it, I would like to advise you to open a TAC case.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,
Esteban Pereira
tenaro.gusatu.novici Tue, 04/13/2010 - 05:28
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Hi Esteban,

is CVP part of this session or I'm going off-topic here?



espereir Tue, 04/13/2010 - 06:59
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Hello Tenaru,

CVP is not part of this Ask the experts event; however we might do one in the future.

Esteban Pereira

aaroncward2 Thu, 04/15/2010 - 09:34
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Has Cisco UCM and been approved for virtualization.  Will there be any offering of virtual appliances?   

espereir Thu, 04/15/2010 - 11:44
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Hello Aaron,

Actually, selected Unified Comunications applications can be virtualized; Cisco Unity Virtualization (Windows based) is supported since release 7.0(2), we just need to meed some VM specs; on the other hand; Communications Manager and Unity Connection are supported on release 8.0(2). below you will find the Unified Communications Virtualization Supported  Applications table:

Unified Communications Manager8.0(2)
Unified Contact Center Express8.0(2)
Cisco Unified Presence8.0(1)
Cisco Unity7.0(2)
Cisco Unity Connection8.0(2)

Please note, that for Linux Appliances (CUCM, CUC, CUP) the license file is not going to be tight to the virtual network adapter MAC address; during the installation, the system will detect that the appliance is being installed on an hypervisor and will generate a unique MAC for licensing purposes. In addition, Cisco Unity can be virtualized on ESX(i) 3.5 while the appliances only support ESXi 4.0.

Take a look at the following links for additional information regarding virtualizing UCM and their respective application requirements:

Unified Communications Virtualization:

Unified Communications Virtualization Sizing  Guidelines

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hope this helps!

Esteban Pereira

Rob Huffman Thu, 04/15/2010 - 12:05
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    2017 IP Telephony, Unified Communications

Hi Esteban,

Hope all is well my friend Thanks for hosting this event.

Great info here for all things related to Virtualization! +5 points for

your stellar work here! I'm going to read through all these links.



espereir Thu, 04/15/2010 - 22:09
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Hi Rob,

Good to hear, and as always feel free to ask

Esteban Pereira

hegegabor Thu, 04/22/2010 - 05:25
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Hi Esteban!

I installed a new unity 7.0 and the standalone win 2008+exc 2007 for testing.

The voice messaging works, but the MWI lamp delays (approxymately 1min), but if I push the refresh status button at the subscribe>messages section on the system admin page, it is refreshing immediately on the phone.

What is the problem?


I found a solution, The exchange 2007 MAPI application doesn't work correctly on win 2008.

the latest update resolves this issue.


I have another two question:

The unity install process said that exchange 2003 management tool is needed to be installed.

But I use ex2007(64bit), and I could not install mgmt tool. finaly i installed the 2003 exc mgm tool.

I hope this is not problem.

We have a license for unity 7.0.

Can I install the 8.0 unity or upgrade to this newer version with this license or need a new license if I want to upgrade?

thanks in advance,



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