UC560 & 10-12 PSTN Connections

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JOHN NIKOLATOS Tue, 04/13/2010 - 05:09
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After someone has that many POTS lines it would make sense to work with an ISP that can get a PRI.  POTS lines cost like $32 dollars a piece...  Times 32 by 12 or 14.. $384- $448.  A PRI line cost just about the same plus the user gets a lot more from a PRI..  They get a block of DID numbers, they get a business class service and SLA agreements that guarantee the line is up..  If they get a Dynamic PRI - it comes with a 1T (1.5m) for data and when they dial an outbound line a small portion of the line is used for an outbound call.  This could save them on internet costs...

So at this point thye arent going to have much room to grow... I would consult them about hte UC500 product and talk to them about the advantages of a PRI.  YOu could save them a bunch of money and or get them a bunch of new features for their phone lines and look good doing it.

Also - how many handsets do they have?

John Nikolatos



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