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Apr 14th, 2010

IPCC enterprise, 2 cad servers version 7.2.  One CAD server was down for more than four days causing replication between the primary and secondary CAD's to stop.  Ran postinstall.exe to restore the LDAP replication and same for recording and statistics , both showed successful but only LDAP seems to have taken.  when looking at the SQL database in CAD (using enterprise manager), the publication/subscription shows as deactivated for cra_agent_pub publication.

question:  Can someone look at there server and let me know if the subscription is supposed to show as deactivated?  (using enterprise manager, it is the listed as the publication on the primary CAD server)  if not, does anyone know if it is as easy as reinitializing the subscription?


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Replication can be tricky. As you probably know, you have to set this up by logging in as the Local Admin when using PostInstall.exe or the system permissions will not be correct for replication. I have been through this a few times, and I have some experience.

I don't know if this is the screen shot you want to see.



steelcity39 Wed, 04/14/2010 - 06:34

thanks for the quick reply..

thats the subscription, if you right click and go to properties, then click the subscription tab, then properties (on the right side), does it show as activated, or deactivated?

thanks again!

Sheraz Saeed Lodhi Fri, 11/26/2010 - 19:06

we are facing the same issue that DB is showing Deactivated but the main issue is CAD agents are getting logout every after few minute and some times it shows license error or some time Replication synch error. When we restart the servers all agent gets login. Is this due to this DB deactivation issue. screen shot is also attached with the error we are facing in the CAD sql DB

Possibly you have two separate issues, but let's address the replication issue first.

1. Make sure that both RASS databases are well under the 2GB limit imposed by MS SQL Desktop Engine. Hit the 2GB limit and the DB will be deactivated. Go too far and it can even appear as "Unknown".

2. Login as the local administrator and remove replication using PostInstall

3. Use Enterprise Manager to ensure that all aspects of replication have been removed. All aspects!

4. Again, using PostInstall apply replication again

5. Check with Enterprise Manager that replication has been applied - all those red Xs should be gone - obviously .



Irfan Tariq Javed Wed, 03/16/2011 - 00:04

hi geoff

We have followed your mentioned steps but still in SQL it is showing Red crosses . is there any other way to fix this issue.




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