How do I increase the array size for user.microapp.ToExtVXML

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Apr 14th, 2010
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In my Expanded Call Variable List the user.microapp.ToExtVXML is set for Array enabled, but the maximum array size is 1 and is grayed out.  How do I increase that number.  All documentation regarding setting up reporting and logging requires additional array elements.

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Nevertheless .... the ToExtVXML[] is actually OK as one long element - this is CVP right?

I used to make a number of these - but I don't do it that way anymore. That way leads to a lot of wasted space.

Just concatenate them together - with a semicolon.

"application=HelloWorld;name1=value1;name2=value2" etc.

The VXML Server can pull these apart.

Now coming back is different - you may want those FromExtVXML[] array elements as well as your caller_input.



poloff Thu, 04/15/2010 - 05:52
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My problem is that I can't get the callid to populate using the string below as designated in all the documenation.


If i use the following string, I can get callid to populate in the log, but my database is not populating


We understand the VXMLElement, VXMLElementDetail, VXMLVoiceInteractDetail can be used to read elements, exit states, value selected, time spent in the element, etc.  We are not seeing these populated as such

Our understanding is that once the callid is correct, we should see all we need to see in the database.

You are talking about Reporting, correct? The callid variable is only important for the Cisco Reporting Server.

The other variable - a concatenation of RouterCallDay, RouterCallKey, RouterCallKeySequenceNumber is just something you want in your application log file so you can match IVR application execution to an entry in the RCD to check how ICM routed the call before the app started. No big deal and you may never use it.

Are you running out of space in that element? The media ID is pretty long - maybe 36 chars.

In the application log you should see trace entries as it sets up those session variables clid, and ICMInfoKeys. Check the invocation line in the Call Server to see that it is calling the VXML app with the correct query string args on the URL.

These should match. Check for truncation.



poloff Thu, 04/22/2010 - 12:36
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I tried using just this one piece


and callid is still blank in the activity log.

The syntax looks OK.
A number identifying a call to the App Server and, optionally, the VB. For a call from the network, consists of an H.323 Conference ID. For a call arriving from a non-Voice Browser client, consists of a random number.

Did you create this recently? Have you restarted the Call Server since creating this?




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