No inbound calls with 2 ISP LB with Call Manager Express

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Apr 14th, 2010
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We are currently on a integrated T1 with a 2811 ISR running CME 7.1 and CUE 7.0 with a combination of soft phones and 7941 and 7961s.  We recently added a Barracuda Link Balancer that sits in front of our PIX firewall to aggregate the T1 and an async DSL for additional bandwidth.  Outbound calls are alright, but inbound calls made from external sources is broken.  Dialing any of the extensions triggers no rings and no noise of any kind on the caller's set.  Assuming that there's some additional policy routing required on the Barracuda device, but I am not too familiar with how call traffic is routed on the ISR.  All of the phones are utilizing SCCP.  Anyone have a similiar scenario or could shine some light on this?  Here is a rough sketch of how current network is setup.

T1 <--- PIX <--- Switch <--- 2811 ISR.

Old setup with working inbound/outbound calling.

T1 on W1 & DSL on W2 <--- Barracuda LB <--- PIX <--- Switch <--- 2811 ISR.

The Barracuda LB is set in transparent mode as it shares the same gateway as on the PIX.



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