UC 520 crash and lost config

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i have a uc 520  for which i upgraded the ios and cue and of course when the upgrade using cca 2.2.2 completed and the uc 520 rebooted the ios was corrupt. so i opened a tac case to get help reloading the ios. the guy helping upload said that i wouldn't loss my configuration but of course when i tftp the new IOS the Flash was cleared and the config was lost CUE was not but now i'm having some problems with the network configuration.

Description of how the UC 520 is hooked up. what the ip addresses were prior to the config loss.

UC 520 is attached to a CE 520 Switch via the expantion port on the UC 520 and the GB1 port on the CE Switch

the CE switch is attached to a dlink 3100 gigabit switch via the GB1 port

most of the phones are connected to the fastethernet ports on the switch.

there are a few phones attached to a dlink 1224 switch in a second building, which is attached only to the dlink 3100 switch

i also have a cisco 1841 router attached to the dlink 3100 which is used for data (WAN / INTERNET) only

now i the ip address of the uc 520 was and the ce switch was there was a static route to via on the 1841 router (ip  so all my pc's servers, wan 1841 router, all 3 switches and CU 520  are all located on the network, and all the ip phones were on the network.

i as far as cisco unifed communications manager exspress i could get to it on the

and cisco unifies communications exspress at

nothing has changed on any of the switches and the voice service was extended through out all the switches.

i have lost that funtionality, and havn't been able to regain it back i opened a new tac case but the engineer i was working with said the problem was with the switches and not the uc 520 when nothing on the switches was changed.

i have attached a text of the current running config in a text file can any one tell me what i need to change. to get the network back to where i was.

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