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Apr 15th, 2010


We have the Cisco 7931 IP phone in use. Certain people may have up to 6 different lines on their device. How can I configure our system so that they are busy if they are talking on line 1, allthough a call comes on line 2. Whatever line they are speaking on, the phone itself should announce itself as busy.

Is this possible? The problem is that our telephonist dont actually know if person is available or not...

Best regards,

Philip Hatt

I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Thu, 04/15/2010 - 06:23

Hi Philip,

In this type of config, each line is looked at individually. The Busy Trigger for

each line is seperate. If these 7931's are answering calls for multiple lines or people

the expectation is that when a second call comes in (while busy on the first call) you either

put call 1 on Hold to deal with the new call or let the new call flow through to VM. If you

let us know what the actual scenario is, maybe we can come up with an alternate plan



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philiphatt Thu, 04/15/2010 - 22:32

Hi and thanks for a quick answer.

The scenario is the following:

We have customer support taking calls for different companies. I have configured it so each company is represented by its own line on the device. I a customer calls to company A, first line will blink, and customer support knows what to answer. If customer calls to company B, second line blinks and customer support knows how to answer. 

To make it even more difficult every customer support person has its own unique number per company.CS1. CS2, CS3 are customer support people. PL is customer primary line on the cisco device. It might look like this:

         PL        Company A     Company B     Company C

CS1  400         185200          185600               185700

CS2  401         185201          185601               185701

CS3  402         185202          185602               185702

All theese numbers are entered into a line group, so that people can log in and out with their phones. The problem if if CS1 is talking on line 185200, our telephonist dont know that, cause we only got linestate on the primary line of the device, in Cs1 it would be 400.

Hope we can find a solution to this.

Best regards,

Philip Hatt

rob.huffman Fri, 04/16/2010 - 05:47

Hi Philip,

I see

These type of configs are always a little tricky to work up a great

solution for. I would normally suggest that each Line group/Hunt group

that relates to the various companies A,B & C contain the same Support

person DN's (like 400,401 & 402). This way a new call coming in for

Company C would not be presented to the support person @ 400 if they

are already dealing with a call for Company A. The trick here is to allow the

support people to answer the call with the proper salutation. You can play with

the Hunt group to provide the proper Company A,B or C display.

The other possible solution is to use the Broadcast Hunt Algorithm for

each of the Hunt groups. When a call for Company A comes in it would

be presented to 185200, 185201 & 185202 simultaneously so whichever

support person was free was able to take the call immediately.

Just some ideas here.



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