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Apr 15th, 2010

Good morning,

   I am confused on the limits of MeetMe. I understand I can edit the service parameter to limit the number of participants in a single unicast Meetme call. My questions is, how can I determine the maximum number of meetme calls at one time? Can I only have a total of 128 meetme users at any one time? Can I have 3 - 128 participant calls at one time? Is this number per Call manager or Cluster?

Thanks in advance.


I have this problem too.
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Jaime Valencia Thu, 04/15/2010 - 06:54

128/ Maximum MeetMe Conference Unicast value = number of meet-me conferences.

Above considering no one is doing ad-hoc, the above numbers floats because if ad-hoc conferences is established then you have 128 - (number of ad-hoc conferences X ad-hoc conference value) = available CFB resources.

128 users using the CFB via meet-me or ad-hoc.

48 users MAX on ad-hoc or meet-me.

Clusterwide parameters



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walshliam Thu, 04/15/2010 - 07:18

So, we have 4 Subs with Call manager Active, Meet me limit set to 48 per call. At what point will conferences fail?

if 1 call per sub has 48 participants? or if 1 call clusterwide has the max?

I'm sorry, but there is very little documentation that clearly defines this.

Thanks again

William Bell Thu, 04/15/2010 - 08:29

There is plenty of documentation on this stuff. Check here:

This link as a section on Ad Hoc Limits:

Ad Hoc Conference Limitations

The following limitations apply to ad hoc conferencing:

•Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports a maximum of 100 simultaneous ad hoc conferences for each Cisco Unified Communications Manager server.

•Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports a maximum of 64 participants per ad hoc conference (provided adequate conference resources are available). In the case of linked ad hoc conferences, the system considers each conference as one participant. This remains true regardless of whether the conferences are linked in linear or nonlinear fashion.

It also has a section on MML conferencing limits:

Meet-Me Conference Limitations

Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports a maximum of 100 simultaneous meet-me conferences for each Cisco Unified Communications Manager server.

Maybe what you are missing is that you not only have to specify limits in the configuration. You also have to build out the resources that support the limit. If you are asking can you have four 48-party conferences in your configuration. The answer is yes. But, that only works if the phones that start the conference and the media resources assigned to said phones are arranged in such a way that each phone would start a conference on their very own, dedicated CUCM node. Also, it assumes that no other conferences are starting at the same time.

The CUCM nodes do not share resources with each other. The phones pick the conference resource based on the Media Resource Group List/Media Resource Group you assign. If you assign none, then everyone has access to what is called the default Media Resource Group. Which means it is a free for all and the likelihood of you have four 48-party conferences up and happy is slim.

But, your question was "is it 48 parties for the entire cluster". The answer is no, it is not that simple. You may also want to read the CUCM SRND ( Good stuff in there.




William Bell Thu, 04/15/2010 - 07:03

The maximum number of conference calls is more a function of the number of software and hardware media resources you have built into your overall solution. For instance, if you are using only software conferencing resources on the CUCM cluster and you have it enabled on one cluster node, and you are using the defaults. Then, you can only have 48 media streams (i.e. conference participants) terminated on that node. CUCM nodes do not bridge conferences, so you couldn't get 128 participants in a single conference (using default settings).

Anyway, you are only limited by the resources you have (or don't have) deployed. The parameter you are referring to is simply stating that the maximum number of participants in a single conference call is 128. It is not implying anything more than that. Just because you set the number to 128 in the call manager service parameter does not mean you can host a 128 party conference. You have to provision hardware/software resources in addition to working out your media resource management design.





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