some 7925Gs not showing corporate directory

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Apr 15th, 2010

I have 16 7925Gs running SCCP 1.3(3) under CallManager 7.1(3)SU2, from main screen hit up arrow to the open phone book (Directories). Some phones are missing Corporate Directory and Personal Directory. I can’t figure out why the difference between phones showing Corporate Directory and those not.

Both show
AppLoad ID  CP7925G-1.3.3.LOADS

Problem 7925G Phone directory shows
1.    Missed calls
2.    Received cals
3.    Placed Calls
4.    Phone Book
5.    Speed Dials

Good 7925G Phone Directory shows
1.    Missed calls
2.    Received Calls
3.    Placed Calls
4.    Personal Directory
5.    Corporate Directory
6.    Phone Book
7.    Speed Dials

I have this problem too.
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William Bell Thu, 04/15/2010 - 08:44

Is Corporate Directory and Personal Directory enabled with the Enterprise flag?

If yes, then these services are configured as "internal services" and are available to every phone UNLESS you have modified the Services Provisioning parameter for said phone, phone group, or system.

I wrote an article/blog on this a while back. It isn't directly related to your situation, but you can infer quite a bit from it.

In your case, I think that you may want to check the "Services Provisioning" parameter for the phones in question. Since it is just one group. I suggest looking at:

1. The phones themselves

2. The Common Phone Profile assigned to good vs. bad phones

If this parameter is set to "External URL" then go to Enterprise Parameters or the URL on the phone itself and see if you have a misconfiguration for the URL. Basically, it will behave like pre-7.1 systems.

There are a lot of variants here. So, start with identifying what is different between the stations.

Services Provisioning Parameter: set at Enterprise, Common Phone Profile, IP Phone.

Corporate Directory/Phone Directory: if set with the Enterprise Flag (default) then you can only access via "internal url" services provisioning method. If disabled then you have to look at the Directory URL in Enterprise Parameters or on phones. Somewhere in that spaghetti is your solution.




Jason Aarons Thu, 04/15/2010 - 12:11

Thanks I checked everything in your blog. No matches to my issue.  This is new cutover, new out of box phones, all defaults and some 7925s show the Corporate Directory/Personal Directory and others don't.  Opening a TAC case as I think I'm hiting a firmware bug.  Wish I could Wireshark the 7925...

William Bell Thu, 04/15/2010 - 12:18

If everything is "default" and out of the box, you still have a few options. The Corporate Directory service in 7.1(3) is programmed in the phone via TFTP (I think I touched on this in the blog). Anyway, you could load a tftp client on your laptop and download a known "good" and known "bad" tftp configuration file from the cucm tftp server. Use the same server the phones use. Check the tftp config and see what gives.

You can also run a network capture from the CUCM node itself and then copy that to wireshark. It won't show you what is happening on the WLAN but you will see the phone request and server response. Again, take a look and see what is different.

Note: With the Directory Service "out of the box", the corp directory request from the IP phone should go to the primary call processing agent not the pub as one may expect. So, keep that in mind. May mean something in context of where your clients are situated in the network, etc.




Jason Aarons Thu, 04/15/2010 - 14:23

I opened TAC SR 614150223 and we couldn't find anything wrong. We tried a lot of things with no luck from .cnf caching to External Serivces URL.  They are going to do a lab re-create and open a bug id.

Workaround: Upgrade firmware to 1.3(4) resolves it (however 1.3(4) should be deferred due to CSCtf82507, wait for 1.3(5)), then you can go back to 1.3(3) and everything appears.


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