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I have a catalyst 6509 as our core switch and our 7 location mpls WAN comes into a fast ethernet port on the 6509...the mpls port size is 10Mb and each location has a t1.

I am trying to figure out how to classify traffic and ultimatly apply policy to data before it leaves the switch and goes out to the WAN.

For example...i have users that view video across http that are necessary and i would like to be able to identify all the http traffic and then rate control that traffic (except for the necessary http video traffic)....but need to rate control that per location.

for example:

www.needvideo.com would be marked with more priority than any other www traffic but each location can only handle a maximum t1 speed so i need to rate control it per location but i am coming off of a 10Mb connection.

The whole idea is to keep from flooding my t1's at my remote sites during spikes.  There are other protocols i would like to do such a thing with as well.

It seems it would be easier if i had subinterfaces at the "head" end but i dont...its just a 10Mb port.  

Anyone have any suggestions?  It cannot be that uncommon to have a large host port feeding smaller data connections and keeping them from being overrun.

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sean_evershed Thu, 04/15/2010 - 19:56
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Have you looked at Hierarchical Class Based Shaping?


I faced a similar situation for a company I worked for but we had 100 branches connecting to the head end.

However it was decided that hierarchical shaping wasn't a scalable solution since each branch needed it's own individual configuration on the head end router.

Every time that the bandwidth for a branch was upgraded then the head end would also need to be changed to reflect this.

In the end we developed a standard QoS policy that was applied to both the head end and remote routers.

The amount of bandwidth assigned to each class matched the QoS queues provided by the Telco on the various WAN links.

Laurent Aubert Thu, 04/15/2010 - 20:10
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HI Mark,

QoS on 6500 is hardware based and very limited on classical LAN cards.

So I don't think you can achieve what you want with your current hw on the 6500. You may need SIP card to have full QoS and NBAR support.


Lei Tian Thu, 04/15/2010 - 21:57
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You need HQoS to support that setup. If you have flexwan or sip card on 6500, you can configure it on 6500; if your 6500 doesnt have flexwan or sip card, you can consider put another ISR as the WAN router to support HQoS.


Lei Tian

thanks fore the responses so far....i appreciate it....so i am wondering then...if i take the 6509 out of the picture and put a router in place....i have more qos control....but i am still wondering what the best practice is regarding qos on the wan if i have a 10Mb ethernet connection at the core going into a mpls cloud and then have 7 sites that are connected to the mpls cloud via t1 circuits.  I want to control classes outbound from the core instead of inbound on the serial interfaces at the remote sites.  Everything i have seen so far is easy to do if you have frame relay or multiple sub interfaces on the core but i dont have that.  If i use HQoS....wont that limit the bandwidth core outbound which then has to be shared among the 7 sites?


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