Show Command to see RPVST+ details of all VLANs in CatOS?

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Apr 16th, 2010

Hi All,

I needed the show command to see the tree structure for all VLANs in CatOS switch running RPVST+. Please can someone help me with this? Below command gives only VLAN1, any single command to give the below details for all VLANs? Need it ASAP.

show spantree active

Spanning tree mode          RAPID-PVST+
Spanning tree type          ieee
Spanning tree enabled

Designated Root             00-09-11-3b-78-00
Designated Root Priority    8192
Designated Root Cost        1852
Designated Root Port        1/2,2/2 (agPort 14/1)  
Root Max Age   20 sec   Hello Time 2  sec   Forward Delay 15 sec

Bridge ID MAC ADDR          00-07-ec-6c-38-00
Bridge ID Priority          49152
Bridge Max Age 20 sec   Hello Time 2  sec   Forward Delay 15 sec

Port                     State         Role Cost      Prio Type
------------------------ ------------- ---- --------- ---- --------------------
1/1,2/1                  blocking      ALTR      1851   32 P2P
1/2,2/2                  forwarding    ROOT      1851   32 P2P

I have this problem too.
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Giuseppe Larosa Fri, 04/16/2010 - 04:18

Hello Manmp,

sh spantree vlan#

provides details of STP on a specific vlan

I don't remember a commmand to see STP for all vlans on CatOS

try sh spantree ?

to see the possible options

for sure with no options only vlan1 info is shown

Hope to help


manmp Fri, 04/16/2010 - 04:23

Thanks Giuseppe.

I could get following options for "show spantree ?" :

  active                     Show active ports in spanning tree
  backbonefast               Show spanning tree backbone fast
  blockedports               Show ports that are blocked
  bpdu-filter                Show spanning tree bpdu-filter information
  bpdu-guard                 Show spanning tree bpdu-guard information
  bpdu-skewing               Show spanning tree bpdu skewing statistics
  conflicts                  Show spanning tree conflicting info for vlan
  debug                      Show spanning tree bpdu information
  defaultcostmode            Show spanning tree port cost mode
  guard                      Show spanning tree guard info
  mapping                    Show spanning tree vlan and instance mapping
  mistp-instance             Show spantree info for MISTP instance
  mst                        Show MST information
  portfast                   Show spanning tree port fast info
  portinstancecost           Show spanning tree port instance cost
  portvlancost               Show spanning tree port vlan cost
  statistics                 Show spanning tree statistic info
  summary                    Show spanning tree summary
  uplinkfast                 Show spanning tree uplink fast
                   Module number and Port number(s)
                       VLAN number for PVST+/RAPID-PVST+
  |                          Output modifiers

I think such a command  is not available  :-( Let me know your views..yeah as u said i get only VLAN1 without any options...

Giuseppe Larosa Fri, 04/16/2010 - 07:01

Hello Manmp,


yes this matches with my idea you can get sh spantree one vlan per time

sh spantree 100

shows vlan 100

sh spantree 101

shows STP for vlan 101

and so on

Hope to help



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