SIP-to-SIP caller id with CUBE??

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Apr 16th, 2010
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Can anyone explain the default behavior of CUBE in regards to caller ID in a SIP-to-SIP environment?

This is our setup:  CUCM 7.x <----sip---> CUBE <----sip-----> Paetec SIP service

The recommended configuration from Cisco for Paetec is to use  "no remote-party-id" in the sip-ua configuration.  However, I should still be able to get named caller id in the FROM header.  I see names being passed to us from Paetec, but CUBE strips the names in the TO and FROM headers of the INVITE message.

The only documentation i can find regarding SIP and clid are concerned with ISDN to SIP.  I need to understand the SIP to SIP clid behavior and how I can manipulate it.  This is the only Cisco documentation I have found so far:

We are using the latest version of code on the gateway - 12.4(24)T3

Here is an example of what I see on the packet trace.  IP's and numbers have been changed for privacy.

------------FROM PAETEC to CUBE-------------

From: "Name of Client "<sip:[email protected];user=phone>;tag=1691108409-1271338395236-
To: "Ourbusinessname"<sip:[email protected];4342608is=4342608is-u27gphf06l0ob>

-----------FROM CUBE to Call Manager-----------

From: sip:[email protected];tag=2197C574-1828
To:  <sip:[email protected]>

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