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To all,

I am having an issue with a vlan that is trunked over a Long Range Ethernet connection to a remote site. The routed interface resides at the remote location - see attached pdf. I can put myself on any on VLAN 199 on any switch at the primary location except switch 3 and it works. When I connect to switch3 on vlan 199 I can't connect to or ping anything on that VLAN. And all the other VLANs that are trunked to the remote site work fine.

My first thought is it the trunk between my dual cores and switch3 but that does not appear to be it.

Core1#sho int trunk | i 3/2
Gi3/2     on           802.1q         trunking      1
Gi3/2     1-4094
Gi3/2     1-4,6,8-9,32,36,63,80,90,96,98-100,121,128,144,160,176,199-201,203,248,254
Gi3/2     1-4,6,8-9,32,36,63,80,90,96,98-100,121,128,144,160,176,199-201,203,248,254

Core2#sho int trunk | i 3/2
Gi3/2         on           802.1q         trunking      1
Gi3/2         1-4094
Gi3/2         1-4,6,8-9,32,36,63,80,90,96,98-100,121,128,144,160,176,199-201,203,248,254
Gi3/2         1-4,6,8-9,32,36,63,80,90,96,98-100,121,128,144,160,176,199-201,203,248,254

Any thought or ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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Jon Marshall Fri, 04/16/2010 - 15:01
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Couple of things to check -

Can you make sure that the uplinks from switch3 are allowing vlan 199. In fact can you look at the whole output of "sh int trunk" for all 4 ports ie. the 2 on the core switches and the 2 on switch3 an make sure that vlan 199 is allowed and not blocking due to spanning-tree.

Can you make sure vlan 199 is in the vlan database on switch3.



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