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Apr 19th, 2010

I have the following scenario:

                                       ----------- SIP TRUNK#1------------------->IVR#1 (Third Party)


RP---1099----RL----RG--------------------SIP TRUNK#2------------------->IVR#2 (Third Party)


                                        ----------SIP TRUNK #3------------------->IVR#3 (Third Party)

The Application triger is 1099, each IVR Server can handle 60 IVR ports max, in case any of the IVR servers is down but the server is pingable, will the UCM still  forward incoming calls to the SIP trunk pointing to the IVR server that is down?

Appreciate your ideas

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Aaron Harrison Mon, 04/19/2010 - 01:28


CCM doesn't ping the servers.

It attempts to set up a SIP session on whatever port you have specified; typically 5060 - it will send a UDP packet (or try to set up a TCP session) to 5060, and if that fails it should roll over to the next one.

If the IVR responds, what CCM will do depends on what response it gets... you'll need to test this scenario fully.




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