AP WGB and repeater

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Apr 19th, 2010
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Hi, I am setting up a second 1252 as a workgroup bridge via Radio1. Everything work fine via the ethernet port.

I also setting up Radio0 as a AP and using bridge-group to bridge between the two radio. Device can associate with it, however the traffic does not pass to the ROOT AP.

My question is when AP radoi1 in station-role workgroup-bridge , does radio0 still possible as station-role root ? and how to configure to have traffic from radio0 relay to radio1 to root AP ? possible?


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Kayle Miller Mon, 04/19/2010 - 08:05
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     I am a bit confused as to what you are trying to do.. Workgroup Bridge mode allows you to connect the access point to cisco access point as if it were a client device and then you would connect the ethernet port to a switch to distribute the connection.

     So in that case the radio (whether it's the 802.11a Radio 1 or the 802.11b/g Radio 0) needs to be configured as a workgroup bridge.

     The Radio mode Root is more for setting up a point to point link, in either event in order for you to pass traffice from any interface to another they'd have to be in bridge-groups.

     is your goal to have something like shown here.

         < SSID: Employee  ><    SSID: Remote    >

         <   802.11a Radio   ><   802.11bg Radio   >

          \__/    ))))      ((((    \__/    ))))      ((((    \__/

          |    |                      |    |---------             |    | -------------------

     Wireless AP          WGB AP/    |       Non-Root AP           |

                                   Root AP    ||                                     |

                                                   ||                                     |

                                             ____|_____                     ____|____

                                            |  SWITCH   |                  |  SWITCH   |

If this is the desired configuration I think it's possible but I have never actually done it in the field.

Hope this helps. Feel free to rate this.


Gerald Chong Thu, 04/22/2010 - 02:06
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Hi Kayle,

The setup is not exactly as you've described.

Let me explain :

AP-1 (ROOT)                                                               AP-2 (WBG)

Radio0 ))) (Use by Office A laptops)                       Radio0 ))) (Use by Office B Laptops)

Radio1 (Connect to AP-2) )))))))))))         (((((((((((( Radio1

   |                                                                                  |

   |                                                                                  |

   |                                                                                  |

Switch                                                                      Switch

(Office A Network)                                                  (Office B Network)

What I want to achieve is using Radio 1 to link between APs.

At the moment AP-2 link to switch is working correctly, however laptop can associate to AP-2 Radio0 SSID but no traffic passing through to AP-1 via Radio1.

Just want to find out whether this is possible.




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