Video Conference H.460 through a FWSM

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Apr 19th, 2010

Thanks in advance for your responses, just wondering if anyone had encountered any issues when running a Tandberg/Polycom endpoint codec in the LAN to access a VCS / gatekeeper across a FWSM (cat 6500) . I'm just having issues in which a video is lost from one end of the conference after 5 or 8-10 minutes while audio still works, I was thinking problems with H460 protocol (?) Any ideas? I'd appreciate it.

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cganzhor Mon, 04/19/2010 - 13:38

H.460 is an alternative to H.323 inspection in the firewall.  The two techniques are mutually exclusive.  H.323 inspection is on by default on the FWSM so if the situation is that the firewall is closing a TCP port on you, that would imply that H.323 inspection has not been disabled on the firewall.


Borman Bravo Wed, 04/21/2010 - 09:01

Thanks Charles, I disabled the IP Inspect in our global policy and I still have the same issue.

cganzhor Wed, 04/21/2010 - 09:40

Is there any indication that the FWSM is actually involved?  That is, is there a port expiring on the firewall at the time of the video loss?  Does this happen on all connections or only some connections?  Where I'm going with this is that it could simply be a video incompatibility on a particular combination of endpoints.  A somewhat less likely possibility is that the video channel is of low enough quality that the endpoints decide to terminate it.  There would be repeated fast video update messages being sent on the H.245 channel if this were the case.



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