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Apr 19th, 2010
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I have a question regarding the Auto Attendant.

Right now i have it setup up to where someone calls and Auto Attendent person picks up and says

"Thank you for calling (company_name)

If you like to reach

BOB dial 201

JOE dial 202

JAMES dial 203

once you press the extension it says please wait

connecting you to 201"

That is great but i want the Auto Attendent to say please wait connecting you to BOB instead of Extention name.

Info about the setup.

UC540 (software version. 12.4(24)SB

9 Phones hooked up starting with Extension 201

Sip Trunking with 6 Lines

thank you

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Steven DiStefano Mon, 04/19/2010 - 14:49
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You can use Dial by Name, and the user will be asked to enter the first letter of the last name followed by # (Minimum so its fast).  If there are more than one name with the same letter, AA receits them all to you.   When you pick the one you want, it actuallys says transferring to "name that was recorded on voicemail" in that users own voice.

The "dial by number" receits the number as you said.

The dial extension says nothing and just transfers.

djfred500 Mon, 04/19/2010 - 15:31
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Thank you for your response.

I get what you are saying.

But what i want is as soon as the phone rings and AA picks up it says thank you for calling "company_name" and right away it starts listing exentions and user at any time can hit the extension and have it transfered to him/her. and in the middle of transfering have the AA say the persons name it is transfering to.

Is that at all possible.

Right now the only KEY i have programmed from "0-9" (other then the extensions) is "0", which is going to "Call Blast Group" which is the operator.

AA is a recorded message i have made, not the default


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