How do I assign a static IP for CUCM7 in VMware?

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Apr 20th, 2010

Hello all,

I've successfully loaded CUCM7 in VMware server, and I can get to the CUCM7 GUI just fine. But it's assigned an ip address by dhcp, ie: 192.168.0.*** from my router.  I want to assign the CUCM server a static IP of, but it doesn't work. I've tried the following:

1. going into the CUCM7 OS admin gui, removing dhcp and filling in the static ip. Then save.  Of course, I then modify my real ethernet port to same subnet. but then when I restart the vmware, it won't boot up the CUCM7.  I need to change my real ethernet port back to dhcp to get the vmware to load CUCM7 again?

2. at the CUCM7 command promt I've tried to assign eth0 the static ip. The commands won't successfully take. It says something about "missing 3 other commands"?  Removing dhcp via the command line doesn't work either?

Can anyone help me out here?

Thanks in advance,


I have this problem too.
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Aaron Harrison Tue, 04/20/2010 - 08:01


The IP address of your physical NIC doesn't affect anything other than your ability to reach the virtual server over IP.

Do you mean when you change the IP that the services won't start on the server?

You should follow the standard document for changing the IP of a CCM server:



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David Hailey Tue, 04/20/2010 - 08:42

You need to do a couple things here.  First, you need to make sure that you bind the virtual interface of the CUCM server to a physical interface on the server.  From there, you need to make sure that your router has the 172.x.x.x network defined on it from a routing perspective.  Then you can statically assign an IP to your CUCM in VMWare and use the procedures that Aaron provided.


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Eric.Biggie Tue, 04/20/2010 - 09:36

The virtual machine wouldn't even start unless I had the real ethernet port set to dhcp and the address had to be 192.168.0.***.  Anytime I changed the ip address to static, the CUCM7 VM wouldn't start.  I finally was able to change the IP address in the CUCM7 OS admin area, under Eth0 tab.  But the vm never would start again, no matter what I did after that.

I've deleted the Virtual Machine and will install again.  I'll let you know....



Aaron Harrison Tue, 04/20/2010 - 09:42


Trust me - your real Ethernet port IP won't affect the ability of the virtual machine to start service. The VMs are not aware of that address... The only time they use it is indirectly when they are NATted through it if you select that option for the virtual NIC.

You still didn't make it clear what was failing.. there is a world of difference between:

- The virtual machine not starting

- The guest OS not booting

- The services within the guest OS not starting

Good luck with the rebuild - would advise you use bridged networking, and assign a static IP to the CCM on the subnet you have the VM host installed on to.


Eric.Biggie Tue, 04/20/2010 - 10:10

But that's exactly what occurred!  PC is connected to my home linksys router and was assigned address 192.168.0.*.

- I installed VMware Server 2

- I installed CUCM7 Virtual machine with the following: 1024ram, 72g hd, RedHat 5 32bit OS, CD/DVD, eth bridged.

- CUCM7 booted up in the VM window to the login prompt.

- I logged in and then got to the admin prompt.

- did "show network ip eth0" to see what ip address was assigned to the CUCM7 VM server. It was

- went to IE8, new tab,,  and the CUCM7 GUI loaded successfully.

The problem is, I didn't want 192.168.0.*** as an IP address for my PC or CUCM server. I want to move the PC to work with my cisco lab, which my voice gateway router is already configured for 172.30.100.***.     I figured that anytime I could change the CUCM7 VM server to a 172.30.100.* address and, naturally, change my PC NIC to a static IP address too?   But when I change ip addresses (PC NIC, or in the CUCM VM), the VM wouldn't load!  It would just start running all the scripts like normal, and then freeze. Or sometimes it just wouldn't open the VM consol window.  Maybe an issue with VMware? I don't know.



Aaron Harrison Tue, 04/20/2010 - 10:47


Change one thing at a time. Change your PC NIC if you like; it will not affect the VM.

When you change a CCM IP address, there is a process you need to go through to ensure that the DB and other services start up. You don't follow it, it don't work.

If it freezes and so on, chances are that your PC isn't man enough to run it, or that you just need to be patient as it is giving your HDDs/mem/CPU a lot to do..


Eric.Biggie Tue, 04/20/2010 - 13:24

Yaaay, everything works after the re-install. I picked no dhcp this time around and gave the 172.... static address. I also downgraded to IE7. Seems like VMware runs a lot better now too.  The box I'm using is a P4 4.3 w/ 4gb ram, 300gb hd, and I'm just running XP. I've dedicated it only for CCM lab, so no extra apps are loaded.  It should be plenty for VMware and CCM7 .

Thank you Aaron and Hailey, your quick helpful replies were very much appreciated!




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