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ripratt Fri, 04/23/2010 - 21:16
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First, confirm that your provider passes name information in addition to the number for caller ID.

From the Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference, for a PRI line, you should be able to do this in CLI with one line.

To set the calling name display parameters sent out an ISDN  serial interface, use the isdn supp-service name calling command in interface configuration mode. To disable calling name delivery, use  the no form of this command.

config t

isdn supp-service name calling


For SIP, again, verify exactly what the provider is forwarding.   By default, I believe the 'name' passing is enabled for SIP.   If not, you may be able to enable it using the following commands in CLI:

config t




Let me know how this works out for you......

David Trad Mon, 04/26/2010 - 15:37
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Hi David,

Also what you can look at is placing entries in the telephony-service section, below is an example for you:

directory entry 1 XXXXXXXXXX name David Fixed Line
directory entry 2 XXXXXXXXXX name David Mobile

If I am not mistaken you can have up to 100 of these in the Telephony-services area, this will translate the incoming number to a name if it is registered here, however you can also use this for abbreviated dialing, for instance, my mobile is directory entry 2, if I press the number "2" on my phones keypad, the softkeys should change, you should now see an "AbbrDial" softkey there now, if I press this key it will assume I want to call directory entry "2" which is my mobile.

However on outbound calling it only shows the number not the name, not sure why this is, but I am to assume it is for us to verify the right number is being called instead of a name.

The above is a good option if your carreir does not pass through names with the number.




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