RSS feeds hang on SPA-962

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Has anyone else had issues with RSS feeds on the SPA-962 (6.1.5(a)) ?

The first 1 or 2 feeds I select after the phone boots come up OK but then I can't switch to another feed - it just hangs at 'Updating news feed data...'. It doesn't seem to be a problem with the feeds as if I select a different one first time that feed works.

I have this problem too.
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nseto Fri, 04/30/2010 - 16:42

I don't see a scheduled release of firmware for the spa9x2 platform.  So it's likely more than 3 months before anything new comes out, even though dev has marked that bug as identified and they do have a fix for it.

Nseto, I really appreciate you checking that for me. It's disappointing news that no new firmware is on the horizon. Is there anything I can push in a product management direction which might push things along or at least get some assurance that there will be a release sometime addressing this bug?

I'm having to work around the issue for now but this is a pain as it results in non-compliance with the standard  :(

If there's nothing you can do, I fully understand that also - I'm in a very similar situation myself...



nseto Mon, 05/03/2010 - 08:24

They are trying to get one in before the end of the year.  Thank you.


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