Ganesh Hariharan Sun, 04/25/2010 - 23:52
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Can you setup port security to automatically learn MAC addresses on a switch? If so, how?

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Dynamic port security is great but what about when you connect switches to routers or other devices that need to be secured in a way to prevent unauthorized device swapping in the network.

There are two ways to configure a sticky port. The first way being that you configure a static MAC address when configuring port-security on a specific interface. The next way which is more convenient is to configure a “Sticky” MAC address and leave the max MAC addresses to its default value of one. When port-security is configured this way, the first MAC address learned on the switch port will be automatically statically configured into the running-configuration as if you manually specified the MAC address

switchport port-security mac-address h.h.h – This command is executed in interface configuration mode and statically sets a MAC address that allows traffic with the source MAC to traverse the switch.

switchport port-security mac-address sticky – This command is executed in interface configuration mode and configures the port to dynamically learn the MAC address and automatically configure the MAC address as a static MAC address associated with the port.

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