GLB and dual VPN router setup

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Hey all. I have a setup where a remote site has 2 routers, each connected to its own circuit/ISP, that have GLB configured for their Inside interfaces. Each router has a separate GRE tunnel (terminating outside interfaces) established to the single headend VPN router (2 tunnel interfaces here) and I am runnign EIGRP between the headend router and to each remote router.

Router A ++++++++++++ GRE Tunnel0






Router B ++++++++++ GRE Tunnel1

On my headend router I am learning from both Router A and B at equal cost. I  want to utilize both tunnels for load sharing. I have no problems reaching or their VIP or anyone on but not the inside interface of Router A Can anyone think of off the top of their head why this is happening? When I do a show ip route for or on the headend vpn router its preferring the tunnel to Router B. Could this be a problem somehow?

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