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Apr 26th, 2010
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I am searching for a replacement for an existing key system, and am interested by the uc520, but I have a few questions:

Is it possible to configure the UC520 in a keysystem configuration and use a remote FXS ATA to serve an analog line to a fax machine and/or answering machine?  Is it possible to have remote FXO gateways and can they be generic inexpensive SIP based FXO gateways and still be used in a keysystem configuration?

Is it possible to set up the UC520 in the keysystem configuration and have the 7931G configured to monitor the status of other VOIP sets?  For example, I know all the sets will show the status of a shared line, but can the 7931G be configured to also show which VOIP phones are in use ?

Is it also possible to use a mixture of 7931G's and spa941's (SIP) with the UC520 in a keysystem configuration?

Thanks much for any advice here.  -Don

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David Trad Tue, 04/27/2010 - 00:42
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Hi Don,

I really need to ask you this question :D

Why do you want to give yourself such a big headache ?

Other then that, I believe the UC500 series can do what you want, with the exception of remote ATA Adapters, I have never done it on a UC500 but have on a 2800 series ISR, although the CME should be same so this should be technically capable of doing it.

What you are requesting though, appears that this will require a decent amount of CLI programming, I am not sure if CCA can accomplish what you want, and I am sure the Cisco team will correct me if I am wrong here.

Also I would highly recommend you operate the system in PBX mode and have the system Mimic a Key system, again I am happy to be corrected, but in Key System mode you do loose some of feature sets that can be offered in PBX mode. Having the system mimic a Key system in PBX mode is not difficult at all, there is more then 2 ways to achieve this, which shows you the strengths of the Cisco UC offer.

I have no idea why you would want to run SPA941 phones, but I can only assume these are left overs from either an SPA9000 install or an Asterisk install, if you can find a way to install the SPA500 series firmware onto those phones then I would recommend that as a solution to recycling those phones, however I havent explored this avenue you yet so I cant recommend it :D

But yes the SPA941's will run on the system as SIP end points only, and they will have limited functionality (Again not something i would recommend) .

Last questions, what are you trying to achieve? has the customer got a key system in place already that you have ATA adapters hanging of it and you want to recycle them and also the SPA941 phones that are being used in conjunction with the ATA adapters?



donwbpa3donwbpa3 Fri, 04/30/2010 - 19:18
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Thanks for the info--appreciate the feedback :-)

What I'm trying to accomplish is to replace an old key-system.  They have several sets, two of which show status of every set in the system which they like.  The others have a simple 6 line selection option.  When they pick up the phone, they dial a number or choose a different line.  When they want to transfer a call, they put it on hold, press the intercom key, dial the other set extension, tell the person there's a call on line x, and the other person picks up the call.  In short, it is simple for them to operate vs. learning to hit transfer, dialing 9, etc.  They get to dial out on the line they want when they want, and they know which line is ringing to pick up when they ring.  Simple, but effective :-)

The reason for the ATA question is because this is a multi-building install.  Currently it is hardwired, but the quality of the connectivity is not great.  My hope is to move to a wireless connection between the buildings.  The UC520 would be located in the building with the PSTN lines, while there is a need for some fax machine lines and cordless phones in the other building along with some IP phone sets. 

The reason for the spa941 and 962 references is because another building in the campus does have an old spa9k solution, and it would be excellent if those sets could become part of the uc520 system as well.  Thoughts & suggestions?  Thanks -Don

Joseph Chambers Sat, 11/20/2010 - 16:32
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The ATAs are notoriously bad with modems and Super G3 faxes.  Does the SPA8000 fxs gateway do a better job with these devices?

FXS on uc5x is not an option as building is connected only via fiber.


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