Problem: Getting an IP multicast message from a server to a client across a Cisco Aironet 1240 AG access point.

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A server is generating a multicast message to address  A client is connected to the network through an access point.  The client is running an application that listens for the multicast message.   Will the access point support this protocol?  I have not been able to see the multicast data once the client is on the wireless network.  The client can see the data when wired to the network.

Correct Answer by Reza Sharifi about 7 years 4 weeks ago

Hi Kevin,

Is IGMP enabled on the access point?

The box does support multicast see below:



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I logged a ticket with cisco support engineers and they figured out the problem.  The engineer on the case suspected the web page inteface for the Access Point only touched the radio side of the snooping.  To correct the problem you must telnet or SSH into the device and issue the following commands.

Telnet CLI commands used:
AX04#show ip igmp snoop
AX04#conf t
AX04(config)#no ip igmp snooping
AX04# write memory
AX04#show ip igmp snoop


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