Leo Laohoo Tue, 04/27/2010 - 15:45

Was your airmagnet associated to the AP or sniffing the AP?  I recommend you use the latter.

rdvorak Wed, 04/28/2010 - 07:07

Hi, no leolaohoo propose to use the second option which is passive site survey were you only listen to the RF but not connect to the AP.

Kind regards,


mjohnson1914 Thu, 04/29/2010 - 07:53

Doing a passive survey is good in certain circumstances but if you were really looking to do a active survey and cannot associate then I would first look at your configuration ... did you set authentication on the AP and if so did you set that same authentication in AirMagnet?  Secondly, when doing an active suvey it's alwasy good to start close to the AP and start the survey without moving so that your laptop can associate and authenticate first then proceed.  Lastly, if your authentication isn't working then I would set the AP to open authentication and make sure that AirMagnet is setup the same way?


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