Cisco IPS for 10Gbps

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Dustin Ralich Tue, 04/27/2010 - 14:43

Per the Product Specifications section of the 4200-series product data sheet, the 4260 sensor appliance is generally rated for 1 Gbps - 2 Gbps of traffic inspection (combined/total), with that rating sliding in either direction based on a number of factors/variables (one of which is whether the inspected traffic profile is more transactional or more media-rich).

For greater throughput, the 4270-20 sensor appliance is rated for 2 Gbps - 4 Gbps, and with the optional IPS-2X10GE-SR-INT= interface card, it gains two (2) 10GE fiber sensing interfaces. These can be used to inspect partially-utilized 10GE links (for example), for situations where a 1 Gbps sensing interface isn't enough.



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