Office Manager Beta 2 Bug?

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Apr 27th, 2010

Hi Cisco Team,

I decided to give Office Manager another go today, so I downloaded beta 2, I continually hit the same brick wall when trying to use it as what I did with Beta 1.

  • The auto detection system does not come up and ask you if the appliance it has found is a UC500 series appliance, so it thinks the 2800 on the network is a UC500 and errors out. NOTE: we have multiple appliances on the network that all have routes to them.

  • If i put the IP address of the UC500 in the advanced settings section "" whcih is in an entirley different subnet, it will not even bother to look at that IP address, in the log files it is still looking at the 2800 IP address and still trying to read the system, it does but only 50% as it will error out on the CUE as the 2800 is running a flat network configuration, and it looks as though it does not know how to deal with that layout

  • Beta 2 auto discovery should have been better created, it was the sole issue why i didnt bother with Beta 1, Auto discovery is great, but the inbuilt intelligence make it less intelligent and is the cause of much grief, is there any way to dumb it down and throw up to you a list of devices it has identified as possible UC500 appliances (And other devices it supports) and allow you to choose which on it should talk to?

  • If you are going to allow the end user to manually enter an IP address to communicate to a UC500, then is there any way to force it to do this? Right now if I setup a VPN connection to a clients system that was configured with CCA, and try to get Beta 2 to look at it, it totaly ignores my instructions to look at that IP address.

Office Manager is a great idea, certainly beats having to contimplate installing CCA for clients that almost demand that level of access (Even the GUI is not good enough for them).

I really am looking to Office Manage as being a break through device manager at a client level, I hope these small, but overly annoying issues can be looked at and hopefully resolved in future releases.

Either way good work and I am glad to see that there is great steady progress on this application... However I maintain my protest - BRING BACK CCC :D that was a brilliant idea, even better if you incorporated Office Manager into it ;).



I have this problem too.
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Marcos Hernandez Wed, 04/28/2010 - 04:29

Hi David,

Thanks for the comments.  This discovery piece should work now on a freshly installed OM. Were you installing on top of the previous OM version? If so, can you try uninstalling, removing all directories and re-install again?



David Trad Wed, 04/28/2010 - 15:20

Hi Marcos,

I have tried your suggestion, multiple times actually :)

I ran CCLEANER and deleted all references from the system, including he registry of Office Manager, then I did the re-install, still no matter what I do it always wants to point to the "" IP instead of the "" IP that I tell it too, for some reason the application is ignoring the Cisco Discovery file that is located in the program files directory.

So I thought I would do a test and see what would happen if i unplug it from the network and plug it into a mocked up network, well nothing changes, still wanting to talk to the wrong subnet

It reminds me of a stubborn child, only this time i cant send it to its room



David Trad Wed, 04/28/2010 - 15:39

Hi Marcos,

Log attached, it is going to be a little thin becuasei have un installed, and re-installed about 6 times this morning.

I will leave it uninstalled for now, will give it another shot when i am not under the gun here at work.

NOTE: I must point out the IP "" is another UC-500 on the network, the "" is the 2811, i even disconnected it from the same network and put it on an entirley different network and still thought it was able to talk to those two devices??

As you can see the XML is also attached and that is the IP address i want it to communicate too.

Good luck, the logs do not mean much to me so i am not sure how usefull they are to your guys :)




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