Leo Laohoo Wed, 04/28/2010 - 15:20

Yes.  You can get the Cisco 128mb from Cisco and Do-It-Yourself (DIY).  You'll have to arrange a downtime though because you need to pop out the sup card and replace the CF.

jvanii Wed, 04/28/2010 - 18:53

Would you happen to know the part number for the 128mb flash for 6509 SUP2.  Thanks

Leo Laohoo Wed, 04/28/2010 - 19:01

MEM-S2-128MB (Catalyst 6500 128MB DRAM on the Supervisor Engine 2) and MEM-S2-256MB (Catalyst 6500 256MB DRAM on the Supervisor Engine 2).

jvanii Thu, 04/29/2010 - 03:47

Thanks for your help, but DRAM memory is not flash memory.  I know that

you can put in up to 512mb of DRAM, but I wondering about

flash memory.  There is a difference.


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