IPS 7.0 to the factory default?

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Federico Coto F... Thu, 04/29/2010 - 08:14

Are you getting this message?

sensor(config)# recover application-partition
Warning: Executing this command will stop all applications and re-image the node to
version 6.2(1)E3. All configuration changes except for network settings will be reset to
Continue with recovery? []:

The application partition is reimaged using the image stored on the recovery partition.
You must now initialize the sensor with the setup command.The IP address, netmask, access lists,
time zone, and offset are saved and applied to the reimaged application partition.

You can always save your image and then uploaded to the sensor again.
Is this what you're looking for?


Scott Fringer Fri, 04/30/2010 - 08:26


  The 'recover application-partition' command reverts the sensor to factory defaults to the version indicated in the 'show version' output's Recovery Partition entry.  This will remove any added user accounts, and revert the default cisco account.  It does not revert settings from the 'service host' section of the configuration; this ensures you should still be able to access the sensor remotely.



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