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Jaime Valencia Wed, 04/28/2010 - 15:48
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By default calls that arrive thru gateways are classified as off-net so you would need to clarify and provide an example.



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Jonathan Schulenberg Wed, 04/28/2010 - 17:18
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If I understand you properly, you appear to be asking what the best dialplan design is within UCM for dialing between on-net sites. This answer has a whole chapter dedicated to it in the UCM SRND; however, if I make a long list of assumptions about your environment:

  • Baring number overlap scenarios, each user's DN typically exists in a single partition such as Enterprise_PT.
  • When user A calls user B's extension the device-level CSS of user A includes the single Enterprise_PT. No translation is needed.
  • IF you have numbering overlap and need to use inter-site access codes (also explained in the SRND), then the DNs are configured in their fully qualified form and a single per-site translation pattern exists to expand intra-site abbreviated dialing to the full form.
    Example: 85551234 is the DN configured in UCM. Users are taught that 8 is the inter-site access code, 555 is the site code for site B, and 1234 is the user's four-digit extension at site B. Others at site B would dial 1234 and UCM would translate the intra-site call into 85551234.

Cisco Unified Communications System 8.x SRND - Dial Plan would be the best place to start here.


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