Transfer a Caller Directly into a Unity Mailbox with a Script in IPCC Express

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Apr 29th, 2010
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I have a IPCC Express 7.0(1) server with Cisco Unified CCX Express Premium and a CCM server. Also I have a
Cisco Unity 5.0 server.
I have to do a script in the IPCC Express. I want this script after playing a prompt transfer the call to a mailbox
of unity (
Transfer a Caller Directly into a Unity Mailbox).
I want this mailbox to which transferred the call is accessible from some phones and I also want that is sent the message indicator (MWI)
to this phones.
I do not know how to do this because it ia first time that I configure a Unity.
I do not know if I have to configure a CTI port or CTI Route Point for not using phones licenses and assign
to this CTI Port or Route Point a directory number which has a forward all to voice mail.
I try to create both a cti port as a cti route point but neither register with CallManager
I am not sure what I have to configure in the Unity, in CallManager and in the IPCC Script.
The step which I have to use in the script to transfer the call to voicemail is "Call Redirect"?

Can you help me, please?

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Aaron Harrison Thu, 04/29/2010 - 02:31
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An easy way to do this is like so:

1) Create a second line with the same extension on all phones you wish to see the MWI light on.

2) Set CFWDAll on the second line to Voicemail.

3) In your UCCX script, when you want to send to VM, send it to the second line extension. It will forward to Unity.

4) Ensure you have a Unity VM Box set up for the second line extension.

When UCCX sends a call to the second line, it will go to voicemail. Users with that second line will get MWI, and can access the VM box by pressing the second line button and then 'Messages'

For some other suggestions see this post:



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Aaron Harrison Thu, 04/29/2010 - 05:01
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Because nothing is asking to register it. CTI RPs are entry points to CTI APplications, so unless you have a CTI app running somewhere that is configured to use it, it will never be registered.

In this case, it doesn't matter - all you want to do is CFA to VM, and this works regardless of the registration status.

The only reason that a CTI Port is commonly used is that it requires no DLUs, and is in a part of the CCMAdmin GUI that people are less likely to go into and start deleting things...



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Marcus.McCutchen Fri, 01/21/2011 - 08:58
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I know this was in April but if you have not solved this already here is a simple way to do this without using a CTI port or additional phone line:

1.  Create the subscriber in Cisco Unity

2.  Create a Direct Call Route and Foward Call Route in Cisco Unity with the mailbox number (i.e. 1026005).  You can just do Direct Call Route but I always do both just to be safe. This route should be enabled and the mailbox number should appear in the "calling number (ANI)" field.  For the Send Caller To: select your subscriber and make sure the option is "Send to Greeting for" the selected subcriber.

3.  Build a variable in your script similar to the following:  Type:  String   Name:  "to_Voicemail"  Value: "1026005"  (This should be the ANI you created in Cisco Uinty, this will be important for the call manager as well, which you will see soon)

4. Add a Call Redirect option to your script when you want the caller to go to voicemail.  For the destination use the variable your created above.

5. Create a new Translation Pattern on your call manager with the following information.

    Translation Pattern:  This should match the value for your call redirect in your script i.e. 1026005

    Description:  Use whatever you like, typically I use "Call Forward to VM from IPCC script XXXXX"

    Under Called Party Transformations for Calling Party Transform Mask: enter the exact same number as your Translation Pattern (this should be the  ie 1026005,  It also needs to be the same number that you created in your Call Route in Cisco Unity.

    Under Called Party Transformations for the Called Party Transform Mask:  Enter your voicemail system pilot number

This will force that number to call directly into your Unity voicemail system and use the call route you created above to deliver the caller from your queue directly into the voicemail for a subscriber.

Hope that helps you, if you have not already come up with a different solution.




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