HSRP MIB entries are still present after suppression of HSRP group.

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Apr 29th, 2010


Can someone advice me on a HSRP status from a supervision station :

If we delete a HSRP configuration on a device, the related enties are not accordingly suppressed in the MIB. The consequence is the presence of alarms on the supervision station although we poll the device or either a new device discovery in the supervision station database.

Does some command exists in order to clear these status entries (rebooting the device does clear the entries but reboto not acceptable) ?

Example :

Unconfiguration of HSRP 38.1 index, then :

sxanhm03:/root #grep cisco.ciscoMgmt.ciscoHsrpMIB.ciscoHsrpMIBObjects.cHsrpGroup.cHsrpGrpTable.cHsrpGrpEntry /tmp/cisco.mib | grep 38.1


cisco.ciscoMgmt.ciscoHsrpMIB.ciscoHsrpMIBObjects.cHsrpGroup.cHsrpGrpTable.cHsrpGrpEntry.cHsrpGrpPriority.38.1 : Unsigned32: 100

cisco.ciscoMgmt.ciscoHsrpMIB.ciscoHsrpMIBObjects.cHsrpGroup.cHsrpGrpTable.cHsrpGrpEntry.cHsrpGrpPreempt.38.1 : INTEGER: false


cisco.ciscoMgmt.ciscoHsrpMIB.ciscoHsrpMIBObjects.cHsrpGroup.cHsrpGrpTable.cHsrpGrpEntry.cHsrpGrpActiveRouter.38.1 : IpAddress:x.x.x.x


etc ....


My customer specifies me it seems to be also the case with vrf configuration where MIB entries are still there after suppression . More generally, the behaviour is noticed when dynamic entries are created in the MIB, then suppressed there are still present.

Could it be a bug ?Has someone ever meet this issue ?

Issue noticed on Cisco6506 / s72033-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-18.SXF5.bin

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks or advices on it.



I have this problem too.
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smitesh kharecha Fri, 04/30/2010 - 23:03

Hi Karim,

Generally after deleting any config, pollers still generate the alarms as previosly reported trap differs from the current one.

You need to re-scan the device in your pollers so that it becomes aware that config on router is changed.



krahmani323 Tue, 05/04/2010 - 11:45

Hello Smitesh,

Thanks a lot for your answer, but as specified although we poll again the device or either we perform a new device discovery in the  supervision station database, the alarms are still present.

I have opened a TAC Case for that.

Anyway thanks for your answer.




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