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     I am very curious know what the LWAPP L2 frame type is - EthernetII or 802.3 (and if the latter, if the 802.2 header is standard or SNAP format).   I have searched for .pcap & dump files as well as images with no luck (have been able to find "non depreciated" L3 capture and images).  I don't have either work or personal lab access to the gear.  If anyone knows where to find a capture or imaging that would swell.

    My interest was struck by the explanation from a cert testing vendor (ya, I know...).   One of the points touched upon (in the explanation) was that a L2 LWAPP frame has its ethertype value set to 0xbbbb.  I wanted to verify this, so I went to the ieee site and nothing was listed for that value, however,  0x88bb did reference Cisco.  RFC5412 also jives with 0x88bb (3.2.1 Framing).  Later, I did a double take on the traffic control white paper (ID:99947) and noticed Cisco states the ethertype value is 0xbbbb while at the same time the draft referenced (http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ohara-capwap-lwapp-04) jives (of course) with the RFC.  Either I easily amused by type-o's or misunderstanding something.  So, is this going to be on the test?  Seriously though, if this is a fat finger, its seems to have taken hold as other testing vendors are appropriately parroting this value as well.  In fairness, the job of acme-fantastic-certinamicrosecond.diddly is to accurately reproduce to the exams, warts and all, I suppose.

Any thoughts would be appreciated,

Dave Cowley

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