Traffic shaping on 6509 (vss)

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I've been reading all i can and the answer seems to be no, I need to traffic shape out of an ethernet interface on the 6509 (vss not that i think that has any bearing), is it possible in anyway, shape (no pun intended) or form at all?

Modules installed ws-x6748-ge-tx ws-x6748-sfp ws-x6716-10e

Lots more details availble if required



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rahurao Fri, 04/30/2010 - 02:31
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Hi Chris,

As the concern which yo have given it seems that on 6509 PFC qos can be configured and i found that PFC qos does not support shaping but can support only policing.

Look at the follwoing note:

Policing does not buffer out-of-profile packets.  As a result, policing does not affect transmission delay. In contrast,  traffic shaping works by buffering out-of-profile traffic, which  moderates the traffic bursts. (PFC QoS does not support shaping.)

The PFC2 supports only ingress PFC QoS, which includes ingress policing.  The PFC3 supports both ingress and egress PFC QoS, which includes  ingress and egress policing. Traffic shaping is supported on some WAN  modules. For more information about traffic shaping on the OSM and  FlexWAN modules, refer to these FlexWAN and OSM documents:

Link which have been referred:

I hope this helps!

Siddharam M Wed, 05/07/2014 - 07:05
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Hi ,


i m also having same issue... can you pls tell me which all line cards support shaping command. 

my hardware : 6506-e + SUP-2T


Thanks ... Siddu


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