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Apr 30th, 2010

Have 2-800's coming in to one group and they have to answer the phone differently for each number.  Wanted to do a whisper tone prior to call being dropped in?  IF not how do I change the caller ID the UCCX IVR ports send so it would say "Noah's" or "Einstein Bros", TAC wasn't able to help me with this....


I have this problem too.
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Aaron Harrison Fri, 04/30/2010 - 08:38


Unfortunately there's not an easy way to control what appears on the CLI - the only way to do this would be to split up the CTI Ports into separate groups, and then change the Display/Alerting name on those to 'Noah's'. Each 800 number would need to have a separate application, trigger, and set of CTI ports, which isn't always practical.

If you have separate CSQs for each 800 number, then you can tell agents to look at CAD when it pops up to see what CSQ the call has come through.

If you have a single CSQ, you can push an Enterprise Data field to the CAD containing the name. You can then either train your ops to look at CAD when it pops up and see what the Ent Data field says, or you can configure a workflow to pop up a prompt or something so they have to pay attention to it.



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eliewild1 Fri, 04/30/2010 - 08:45

Thank you-unfortunately this group of agents are taking time sensitive food orders and to ask them to pay attention....UGH! so there is no such things as a "Whisper" tone, Avaya has it you would think Cisco would it's a great call center feature?  I may be able to change the CAD I can play with it. Thanks!

Aaron Harrison Fri, 04/30/2010 - 08:54


Don't get me wrong (should probably have said this initially) - you can whisper, it just takes a little scripting. I'm a fan of simple solutions

Also bear in mind that if things are time sensitive the time taken to whisper to an agent once he has been selected increases your queue times slightly. A popup could be quicker to read/dismiss as the call comes in.

Take a look at these posts for some examples:





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Gabriel Saavedra Fri, 04/30/2010 - 09:18

Hi Elie

If the agents do not pay attention to the CAD they can use the IP Phone Agent, there is a way to keep the Enterprise Data field in the main screen of the IP Phone Agent service so when they look at the screen they will be able to see the Enterprise Data that says Noah's or Einstein. It would not be necesary to create different CSQs, but as Aaron said before you will need to create two applications, one called Noah and the other called Einstein, both of them can use the same script and send the call to the same CSQ.

So you will transform the 800 Noah to the trigger of the Noah application and the other 800 to the Einstein trigger, after that in the script you can use the Get Call Contact Info where you take the parameter "called number" and store the value in a variable, after that with an "if" statement you can check if the called number of the Get Call Contact Info is equal to the Noah application trigger then you set a variable called "number800" to Noah and if the called number of the Get Call Contact info is equal to the Einstein application trigger the you set the variable "number800" to Einstein, after that you push this variable to the Enterprise Data Field.

For you to show in the main screen the Enterprise Data you need to create an Application User named telecaster an associate the agent's IP phone to it, also this Application User need to be a member of the Standard CTI Enable.


Aaron Harrison Fri, 04/30/2010 - 09:41


Well - for a popup, basically you would follow the instructions from Gabriel (good input Gabriel  - +5) up to the point where you have used the 'Set Enterprise data' step.

This means the info is then available to CAD.

You would go into Desktop Administrator, and define a 'voice contact workflow' that is triggered at the 'ringing' stage.

Create a first rule, and the condition you would apply is that 'Call Variable 1' (or whichever one you set in Enterprise data) equals 'Noah' (or whatever you set). The 'action' this triggers would be an 'Agent Notification' action, saying 'Call for Noah's' or whatever you like.

You would then have another rule with condition 'Call Variable 1' equals 'Something else', and the 'Agent Notification' would be 'Call for Something else'.



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