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May 2nd, 2010

Hi all,

Sorry for asking these question if there is already ask/answer in others post. I do search and not able to get a clear understanding.

1. How do i know what type of license I already purchased?

2. How do i know how much license i still have in CallManager ?

(System-Licensing-License Unit Report do show me 7932 Units Authorized, 3426 Units Used, 4506 Units Remaining)

3. Understand there is various CUWL available, can tell me 1 CUWL = how many DLUs on following?

CUWL Business Edition = x DLUs

CUWL Entry Edition = x DLUs

CUWL Standard Edition = x DLUs

CUWL Professional Edition = x DLUs




I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Mon, 05/03/2010 - 06:30

Hi Christopher,

Here we go;

1.Open your license in notepad and look for the following;


Unified Workspace Licensing PRO



Unified Workspace Licensing STD

2.You have answered this

3. Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing includes 11 DLUs for the Standard Edition and 15 for the Professional Edition

Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing Q&A

***see attched doc

Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing is available in four versions:

    * Business Edition, which includes call control, voice messaging, unified clients, mobility, and presence
    * Entry Edition, which provides basic dial tone and mobility features
    * Standard Edition, which includes call control, voice messaging, unified clients, mobility, and presence
    * Professional Edition, which provides all the features of Standard Edition, plus mobile communicator client, video audio and web conferencing, contact center capabilities, and more

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chris_tan Tue, 05/04/2010 - 00:15

Rob, thanks for your reply.

I still has doubt on getting the right inventory of my CUWL balance.

From call manager, total number of devices are listed (see attachment).

Total units are listed (see attachment)


1. How do i know how much CUWL is available ?

2. Where can i export the license file ? *i see only view license file

3. CUWL is base on user basis, which mean one user should be using a CUWL, right ?

4. If No.3 is correct, how can i export the "user" ?

5. A single user can be using a Cisco7941 + IP communicator, which mean it is only used a single CUWL. What is the best way to track it?

Appreciate answer on above.






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