video queuing via IPCC Express?

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I have been presented a task that is a bit outside of my knowledge base as it relates to Contact Center Express. I was hoping to get some input from the masses here.

My company is a provider of video phones for the deaf community. A deaf person uses his/her video phone and calls one of our video interpreters on the other end on a video phone. That interpreter calls the hearing world in behalf of the deaf person. We have a custom built system that supports and does all of these video functions. However; we have a small group of tech support agents who work with the deaf community that fall outside of the main system and video calls do not come in and queue up and so forth. Also because this tech support group is a non revenue producing group the engineering team cannot be taken off task to do the project I need to do.

Here is what I must try to come up with. Our phones are h.323 devices that come into us via SIP. The video phones can dial either an IP Address or any "real" phone numbers. I am seeking to know if IPCCx would be able to offer up a script that could answer, queue, and play video content back to the deaf user (like our MoH)? Also the tech support agents with the video phones - how would we get the video call to them if CAD is tied to CUCM and not to the video phone? We have been investigating solutions from companies such as "Mirial" and "Vocalcom" - but I have been tasked to see if Cisco could perform these functions via IPCCx.

Thanks for all of your input.


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Jonathan Schulenberg Mon, 05/03/2010 - 10:10
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The bad news first: The MIVR engine does not have a video function. It can play audio prompts/content only. The only way this will be resolved is through a Product Enhancement Request with your Cisco AM and SE. Even if you choose a different route, I would suggest submitting this as this is the best business case I have heard for this feature.

The good news: Video to the agents does work - and is even documented in the CCX SRND - assuming you have a video-capable end point. In this case that would need to be a Cisco TelePresence, 7985, 9900 series, or other 7900 series phones with Video Advantage. This restriction is based on what phones are supported with CCX for CTI control. When the agent answers the call through CAD, the video will be negotiated through UCM automatically if configured properly.

Jonathan Schulenberg Mon, 05/03/2010 - 10:25
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Make sure you are clear what you are requesting: Video output support of the MIVR subsystem during IVR or sitting in a Queued state of a Selected Resource step. This is, to put it nicely, no small task.

I feel pretty comfortable saying what you will not get is support for third-party codecs or cameras. The BU has always been very exact in the end points they support for agents because Cisco policy requires them to explicitly test that device for compatibility before TAC will support it. You would be better served to identify what the custom codec/camera/software is getting you today, what gaps exist between that and current Cisco (and possibly Tandberg) end points, and submitting a separate PER for closing those gaps in the Cisco video end points.


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