registering SPA504 from different network to SPA9000

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May 4th, 2010
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I want to use one SPA504G at remote office which has leased line data connection to head office. The traffic needs to go through router so, it will be different network. Remote office does not have any PSTN line and I want one 504G to station there as part of head office extension. If remote office user wants to call outside, it needs to come through head office PSTN line.

Head office has SPA9000 and 2 SPA400(one voice and one PSTN).

I saw in the forum that it is not possible to register SPA504G to SPA9000 if they are in different network. With softphone like phonerlite or X-lite works with different network. Is there a way to work for different network? If I buy additional SPA9000, will it possible to accomplish the requirement that I need.



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nseto Tue, 05/04/2010 - 15:00
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What you'll need to do is set up a VPN in the routers on both sides.  Once the VPN is set up, the spa504 will be able to register to that spa9000.

wayne.fong Tue, 05/04/2010 - 15:40
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Thanks for your reply nseto, we already have lease line between 2 sites. In layer 3 levels ip can be reach to each other but different subnet of course.

If you can explain to me a little bit more about VPN with spa9000 it would be great help. We are using cisco ASA55XX firewall both side. But it is not simple to connect because there are also some other firewall between the two internal netowrks.

If it can go through lease line with any additional hardware, it would be great. I am willing to purchase another SPA9000 if it works through lease line.

nseto Tue, 05/04/2010 - 15:53
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If both routers have vpn capability, this would allow that spa504 to reside in the same network with that spa9000, so the phone would act as if it was located at the same site as that spa9000.

wayne.fong Tue, 05/04/2010 - 16:02
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Thanks for your reply. It is not possible in my case. I am in the environment of data center and the lease line is the only thing I can do.

CTRLITINC Wed, 05/05/2010 - 11:43
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You should have no problem doing this w/o a VPN. I think it make a lot of sense to provide IP Addresses and a general network layout otherwise it may be hard to visualize. This is a matter of networking as opposed to an issue specific to the SPA9000 and the SPA504. The SPA9000 and SPA504 are no differant than any other networking device. If you have a leased line, point to point, no need for a VPN. A VPN is used when you must create a point to point over the Internet in a secure manner.

As long as there is sufficient bandwidth you can connect your SPA504 to the SPA9000. You must take into consideration that the broadcasting will most likely be blocked by the router unless you let through. There will be some manual configuration that is typically done automatically by the SPA9000 when everything is on the local LAN, with no routers between the two. The SPA9000 does some of the auto provisioning, ie Dial Plan, Extension, VM, etc... You may have to manually do this, so you cannot just plug it in.

What I would do is setup the SPA504:

  1. Configure the SPA504 on the local LAN that the SPA9000 resides. If the phone is already at the remote site use another phone and save the configuration.
  2. Change the SPA504 (or the config file) network addressing to match the remote site.
  3. Ship the phone (or the config file) to the new site and make sure you can ping the phone.
  4. Make sure you can reach the admin page for the SPA504 http://<>/admin/advanced from the network where there SPA9000 is located. If not you simply have network related issues.
  5. Make sure you can reach the admin page for the SPA9000 http://<>/admin/advanced from the network where the SPA504 is located. If not you simply have network related issues.
  6. Then SPA504 should be able to communicate with the SPA9000 when it boots up.

NOTE: Unless you have the basic networking setup do not even think about getting the VoIP working. Making sure you can complete step 4/5 and that you can ping everything.

Some things to watch for is that if any of the sites use NAT you will need to configure your STUN settings accordingly. Remember that broadcasting is most likely blocked at the routers. So if you reboot the SPA9000, you will have to manually reboot the phone since the reboot instruction is sent via a broadcast. You can manually reboot the SPA504 remotely by using the Provisioning URLs: http://<>/admin/reboot.


Steve Wofford

Call Ctrl Call Manager for

SPA900 - SPA500 IP Phones

wayne.fong Wed, 05/05/2010 - 15:11
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Thanks Steve. I raised this question because I did not see any ip information entry for SPA9000 in SPA504G. SPA504G comes with firmware version 7.1.3a. After I upgrade to 7.4.3 I can see "Linksys Key System Parameters" in SIP tab. Thanks a lot for your detail explanation. I can now connect the 504 in different network.




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