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May 5th, 2010
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Dear Friends,

In my IPCC Setup (which is for a telco) consisting of CVP, ICM and CCM 7.0, I'd like the system to make an outgoing call on behalf of the caller and connect the two.

My primary objective is to enable users check their balances, load credit just by calling the contact center number. Usually, the subscribers dial 140 to check balance, 142 to load credit on their prepaid accounts, or 144 to reach the contact center. Because many of them ask how the common questions of 'how do i credit my prepaid account?', I'd like to put there a IVR that 'to load credit, press 1' and when they press 1, the system calls 142 on their behalf (the T1 lines can already do this and set the caller ID as the caller. it works).

My question is, how can I achieve this from the ICM script?



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Who are these "users"? What are these numbers the subscribers dial - 140, 142 etc? How does the Outbound Call "on behalf of the caller" come into it? Why can't you build an application these callers can use that will access the data?

You can certainly install the Dialer and call people in the list, and when they answer run a CVP application. But you don't appear to be asking that. I'm a bit lost. Can you explain it again?



Sheraz Saeed Lodhi Fri, 05/07/2010 - 01:23
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what i understand he wants to make an outbound call to the customer who's balance has reached out. So when the customer picks up the call it will hear the IVR "Your balance has reached out and if you want to load the card for balance press 1" when the customer presses option "1" the Call will route to the "Card Load IVR" which is 142.


timotsmith Fri, 05/07/2010 - 02:27
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Dear Goeff and Sheeraz,

Thank you for your replies.

Geoff, Users are the subscribers on my telco network. 140, 142 are numbers on our IN (Intelligent Network, its al alcatel system). Its the numbers that prepaid subscribers call check their credit, load airtime, change subscriber profiles etc.

My first option had been to write an application to access the data but the IN engineers could not give me that access. They advised that their system is not designed to be accessed by 3rd they couldnt give me such access. I have just to call the numbers.

To repeat my question, I want a subscriber to call the into the contact center, when he chooses to get assistance regarding loading airtime ( credit on the prepaid phones) or check their balance, the ipcc system should (in the back ground), call the IN (142 or 140 respectively, also substitute the caller ID to the subscriber's number). The caller should then hear the IN IVR prompts and proceed.

I hope I am now clear. I have also attached a simple illustration of my scenario.

Thanks very much.




That would have been a normal "UCCE Outbound Dialer with CVP" implementation. Not a problem.

Timothy, you can return a label to CVP.

Your proxy server could have a static route to send that label to CUCM, and perhaps it can make the call - can an IP phone call 142? If so, you could find a way to make this happen.

Alternatively, can you return a label like one would do for an AT&T Transfer Connect - something like "DTMF*8,,,142" - so the gateway could outpulse digits back up to the IN?

Are the calls coming into the VG from the IN? Can you get back to it?



Sheraz Saeed Lodhi Fri, 05/07/2010 - 05:04
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geoff ,

what if the customer wants to come back into IPCC system again. Then this shouldn't be consider as a new call ? how can we get rid of this.

If you have an IVR Campaign using CVP as the IVR, the Dialer will work through the list, calling customers, and when they answer, running a CVP application.

This should be a self-service application - I think it's wrong to call someone, interface with them using an IVR, then offer an option "press 1 to talk to an agent" and then make them wait in a queue for an agent. That just sucks.

But if the CVP application does a "Queue To Skill Group" you could have an agent answer. That seemed to work when I played with it. What are you observing?



timotsmith Fri, 05/07/2010 - 07:58
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Dear Goeff,

Its not an IVR Campaign. My customers usually call into the contact center asking many questions. Some of the common questions are "How do I load ctredit on my prepaid phone?" The answer is "Call 142 and follow instructions". Since that is a common question, what we resolved on is to put it as one of the options in the IVR. "To load credit, press 1. to talk to an agent, press 2 etc". When the customer press 1, at the moment, the IVR says "Hang up and call 142, then follow instructions".

The above is tedious for the customer. I want the system to just fial 142 on the customer's behalf so that he can just load the credit without first hanging up.

The IP Phones are able to call these numbers (142, 140 etc) and if I make the caller ID a valid prepaid subscriber, the IN will actually read out the balace or ask the user to enter the voucher digits and load credit.

I am still stuck on how to go about this.



Edward Umansky Fri, 05/07/2010 - 08:12
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If your Alcatel system is hooked into your ICM, then you should be able to translation route back and forth and have it tracked as the same call. Otherwise, it is an external system from ICM's perspective and the call cannot be tracked when transferring back and forth, it will appear as a new call everytime it returns.


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