CUPC 7.1 crashes when user tries to IM

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May 5th, 2010

This client has been up and working fine for weeks and suddenly today this problem popped up. She can receive IM's all day long, but if she replies to even one of them it crashes. The logs dont seem to indicate anything, at least that I see.

Here is the last bit of the log...

2010-05-05 13:41:24,885 [0x00000e2c] INFO  LCPresent - (MWMSG_PRESENCE_NOCUPCTUPLE) Presence doc does not contain any CUPC tuple for logged on user.

2010-05-05 13:41:24,932 [0x00000e2c] INFO  LCEPASConfigSink - (WABIMSG_NEWSUBSCRIPTION) OnNewClientSubscription: UCCN subscriptionID=67, dialogId=70

2010-05-05 13:41:25,025 [0x000009a0] ERROR LCVoiceMail - (MWMSG_VOICEMAIL_LOGERROR) VMWSServiceClient SOAPVer: Error 404 Fault: SOAP-ENV:Server [no subcode]

"HTTP error"

Detail: HTTP/1.1 404 /VMWS/VMWS.dll

2010-05-05 13:41:25,025 [0x000009a0] ERROR LCVoiceMail - (MWMSG_VOICEMAIL_LOGERROR) VMWSServiceClient Logon - Failed - SOAP Fault[404]

2010-05-05 13:41:25,212 [0x00000f10] INFO  LCWIN32UI - (WINUI_INFO_GENERAL_INFO) ******** MEDIA DEVICE MANAGER STARTED **************

2010-05-05 13:41:25,306 [0x00000cac] INFO  LCMiddleware - (MWMSG_EIM_RESETPERSISTENTSTATE) Reset Persistent State succeeded

2010-05-05 13:41:26,195 [0x00000dc8] ERROR LCIsuaLog - (WABIMSG_SDKMSG) CSuaCallControlManager.Singleton.Asynchronous::CSuaSIPClientPublication::UpdateOrMakeIfNecessary[311] - Invalid client publication handle

2010-05-05 13:41:26,539 [0x00000dc8] ERROR LCIsuaLog - (WABIMSG_SDKMSG) CSuaCallControlManager.Singleton.Asynchronous::CSuaSIPClientPublication::onSuccess[422] - Initialize client publication handle!!

2010-05-05 13:41:26,804 [0x00000c48] INFO  LCMiddleware - (MWMSG_EIM_SETUSERPROPERTY) Set user property "Presence.inPersistentState" to "false"

2010-05-05 13:41:31,469 [0x00000990] INFO  LCDirectory - (MWMSG_LDAPQI_NOSEARCHENTRIESRETURNED) SearchThread[4] - ldap_count_entries returned 0

2010-05-05 13:41:31,999 [0x00000f10] INFO  LCWIN32UI - (WINUI_DEBUG_SERVICE_STARTED) ******** RECENT COMM MANAGER STARTED **************

2010-05-05 13:41:33,902 [0x0000080c] WARN  LCVoiceMail - (MWMSG_VOICEMAIL_LOGWARNING) VVMClient.header - New Message UID[35] is <= to current HighestUID marker[53] in mailbox[INBOX] - Non-compliant IMAP Server?

2010-05-05 13:41:33,918 [0x0000080c] WARN  LCVoiceMail - (MWMSG_VOICEMAIL_LOGWARNING) VVMClient.header - New Message UID[36] is <= to current HighestUID marker[53] in mailbox[INBOX] - Non-compliant IMAP Server?

I have this problem too.
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scott.hammond Wed, 05/05/2010 - 13:01


it crashes if you try to type or even click on anything in the app. I mean anything. I took off autologin and tried to log in as me, it crashed after 2 characters were typed in to the username field.

restarted and clicked login and now I cant even click on File....

I have uninstalled and backed down to 7.0(2) and it didnt help....

Justin Brenton Wed, 05/05/2010 - 14:37

Hi Scott,

Can you check and see if "Embassy Suite by Trust Wave " is installed on this PC?  This software has known issue's with CUPC.

Hope This Helps, Please vote if so.


Justin Brenton

scott.hammond Thu, 05/06/2010 - 04:35

even though the user swore she changed nothing all day finally I got her to admit she installed some camera software before it started acting up. Now im trying to roll that back.


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