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May 6th, 2010

Have installed licenced version of lms 3.2 in a server and installed evaluated version of 3.2 in a virtual server. Is it possible to take the license from the server to the virtual server and if possible how to migrate?

I have this problem too.
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Martin Ermel Thu, 05/06/2010 - 06:01

If you want to move the license form the physical server to the virtual server, you need to have the original license file as provided by cisco (with a name similar to this: LMS20070201015953596.lic)

- Copy this file to your virtual server in any directory you want but NOT into NMSROOT\etc\licenses

- go to Common Services > Server > Admin > Licensing and point it to the file to license your installation

- logout and close all broser windows, relogin to LMS and you should have the virutal server licensed

If this is working remove the license from the physical server; I do not know if you want to keep the physical server running with the eval license. If yes, you can try the following procedure which definitley removes your license but I only assume that it will keep your eval license - I have never reverted a licensed installation to an eval...

on the physical LMS server go to NMSROOT\etc\licenses

- all files ending with .lic are plain text files

- KEEP only those xxx.lic files that does have a line like the following:

        NOTICE="0 \

        dummyPak" SIGN=77A562D42CF8

(there is no value between the tags and there is a "dummyPAK" between the tags)

- delete or move away the other xxx.lic files

- restart the LicenseServer with

    pdterm LicenseServer

    pdexec LicenseServer

- login to LMS an verify the result in Common Service > Server > Admin > Licensing


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