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May 7th, 2010
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I have an IP SLA jitter process configured on my router. See config below.
I have discovered the SLA Process via SNMP using a 3rd party SNMP product
but I need to know the OID I should query to collect the Jitter and Mos
Figures. RTT Latency seems to work fine but I am having problems with Jitter /MOS.   The config looks fine, sla output looks okay but my snmp manager still doesn't display any stats for Jitter/MOS.

I'm running c2800nm-entservicesk9-mz.124-7a.bin  on my router. Config and output below from show ip sla monitor stats/config is attached.

I know the RTTMON mib is involved but when I browsed the mib on cisco's website, I was a bit overwhelmed. The OID but after that I appear to have 7 other sub-values..

Would Jitter be

Not sure what Mos would be?

Any help appreciated?




Config is as follows:-
ip sla monitor 1
type jitter dest-ipaddr dest-port 16384 codec g729a codec-size 30
tos 160 
owner fpm
frequency 15
ip sla monitor schedule 1 life forever start-time now

killarney_PE3_crk#sh ip sla monitor configuration
SA Agent, Infrastructure Engine-II
Entry number: 1
Owner: fpm
Type of operation to perform: jitter
Target address:
Source address:
Target port: 16384
Source port: 0
Operation timeout (milliseconds): 5000
Codec Type: g729a
Codec Number Of Packets: 1000
Codec Packet Size: 30
Codec Interval (milliseconds): 20
Advantage Factor: 0
Type Of Service parameters: 0xA0
Verify data: Yes
Vrf Name:
Control Packets: enabled
Operation frequency (seconds): 15
Next Scheduled Start Time: Start Time already passed
Group Scheduled : FALSE
Life (seconds): Forever
Entry Ageout (seconds): never
Recurring (Starting Everyday): FALSE
Status of entry (SNMP RowStatus): Active
Threshold (milliseconds): 5000
Number of statistic hours kept: 2
Number of statistic distribution buckets kept: 1
Statistic distribution interval (milliseconds): 20
Enhanced History:
killarney_PE3_crk#sh ip sla monitor statistics
Round trip time (RTT)   Index 1
        Latest RTT: 16 ms
Latest operation start time: 09:32:18.332 utc Fri May 7 2010
Latest operation return code: OK
RTT Values
        Number Of RTT: 1000
        RTT Min/Avg/Max: 16/16/27 ms
Latency one-way time milliseconds
        Number of one-way Samples: 1000
        Source to Destination one way Min/Avg/Max: 6/6/10 ms
        Destination to Source one way Min/Avg/Max: 9/10/19 ms
Jitter time milliseconds
        Number of Jitter Samples: 999
        Source to Destination Jitter Min/Avg/Max: 1/1/4 ms
        Destination to Source Jitter Min/Avg/Max: 1/1/9 ms
Packet Loss Values
        Loss Source to Destination: 0           Loss Destination to Source: 0
        Out Of Sequence: 0      Tail Drop: 0    Packet Late Arrival: 0
Voice Score Values
        Calculated Planning Impairment Factor (ICPIF): 11
MOS score: 4.06
Number of successes: 99
Number of failures: 0
Operation time to live: Forever

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apepacisco Fri, 12/03/2010 - 06:45
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To get the MOS score i'm using this:   and then you must divide it by 100

"ip sla monitor 1"  the operation number is 1


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